Quickie with Jason Dhakal

From Oman to Manila, Jason Dhakal weaves magic with his voice. Read more for a quick dive into his thoughts on music, sexuality, and pleasure in today's Quickie.
How would you introduce yourself at a dinner party?
"Hi! Un lang"

What gives you pleasure?
"Music!!! Movies!! Art!!!"

What is sexy to you?
"Confidence & a person with their own perspective"

What would you advise your younger self on sex or sexuality?
"Take your time with it! Don’t allow yourself to be pressured by whoever!"

What was your sex-ed like?
"Not enough really, I feel like I learned more on the internet than in school. Which isn’t the best place to learn things sometimes."

What would be your ideal first date?
"They pay for everything and I just sit there & be pretty"

Best and worst sex tips?
"Best: Listen to your partner. Worst: Use spit. (Ew)"
What’s on your bedside table?
"Usually my glasses & phone"

Favorite song you’ve made?
"Right now - on me!!!"

What’s on your playlist right now?
"No Bars - JT on repeaaat"