Boost Your Natural Moisture

Jellytime is a safe and gentle all natural water-based personal lubricant infused with aloe and hyaluronic acid for sensitive skin.

Jellytime is the best thing that happened to my sex life!

Isabelle Daza

My husband and I have tried different lubes over the years and Jellytime, by far, feels the most natural.

Martine Ho

We love the water-based formula of Jellytime. It's not intimidating and it lets you work your way up.

Sef Loseo & Dandan Carpio

Natural Water-based Personal Lubricant

Gentle and safe for sensitive skin, this fragrance-free lubricant is hypoallergenic, pH balanced, and compatible with toys and condoms. It's Jellytime!
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Experience the Gift of Pleasure

Jellytime Pleasure Kits include a tube of lube, a toy of your choice, and a pouch.

Which toy is best for you?

Discover the gift of pleasure.

Privacy matters.

Your orders are delivered with discretion, in plain, unbranded packaging. Yes, it's our little secret. 🤫

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