Quickie with Gabs Gibbs

Quickie with Gabs Gibbs

Pleasure can mean many things to people. In a series of Quickie Q&A, we explore what it means to people we love.

Gabs Gibbs is a woman of good taste and skills. And, we love her for it. No matter what she does, she exudes confidence and creativity, from her work as a 3D animator to her role as a creative director.

We chat with Gabs on what brings her pleasure.



Normally you’d just see my cat on there, but you’ll definitely find a karaffe of water, some lip balm, a Saan Saan candle, my jewelry plate and Jellytime of course!



Good food, making art, traveling, buying vintage furniture online at 3 in the morning hahahah.

In a more physical sense, I’m a real PDA girl! Physical touch is my love language and I’m always close to my girlfriend.


What would you advise your younger self on sex-ed?

If you have any questions or are curious about certain things there’s no shame in asking about it—also your friends don’t know shit either!!!


How do you get creative in your sex life?

As I’ve gotten older, the importance of really connecting with the person you’re with emotionally, mentally and physically really helps bring you places when it comes to your sex life. 

How do you own your sexual power?

I’ve been in the beauty industry for so long and now venturing out to the nightlife scene, now co-owning a bar & nightclub. What really makes me feel good is when I look good and when I do things that make me happy. I love going hyper-feminine and really feeling myself in my clothes, with the makeup I do and when I’m really enjoying myself! Makes me feel powerful.