Why Women Aren't Winning At Health (But Can) with Anca Griffiths, Co-founder and CEO, OM S8 EP6

In this insightful episode for Women's Month, we welcome Anca Griffiths, the visionary CEO of OM, a pioneering precision medicine company. Anca, the author of "Why Women Aren't Winning at Health," brings a wealth of knowledge from her extensive background in the luxury industry and her passion for revolutionizing women's health.

In This Episode:

  • Introduction to Anca Griffiths [00:00:00]

    • Hosts Ava and Belle introduce Anca Griffiths, discussing her journey from the luxury industry to leading OM and her drive to empower women in understanding and improving their health.
  • The Genesis of OM Health [00:00:54]

    • Anca shares her inspiration for founding OM, which was sparked by personal health experiences and the realization of a need for a global platform connecting women with top health experts worldwide.
  • The Importance of Pelvic Floor Health [00:02:28]

    • A deep dive into the critical but often overlooked aspect of women's health: the pelvic floor. Anca discusses how different cultures approach postpartum healing and the widespread impact of neglecting pelvic floor health.
  • Navigating Perimenopause [00:07:03]

    • An enlightening conversation on perimenopause, a significant but poorly understood phase in women's lives. Anca sheds light on its symptoms, duration, and the misconceptions surrounding it.
  • The Pitfalls of Health Consumerism [00:09:38]

    • This is an exploration of how the wellness industry often exploits women's health issues, offering band-aid solutions rather than addressing root causes.
  • Menstrual Health and Misconceptions [00:30:14]

    • Anca addresses common myths and provides insights into menstrual health, emphasizing the importance of not normalizing pain and seeking medical attention.
  • Challenging the Male-Centric Medical System [00:32:17]

    • A critical look at how historical medical research focused on men has led to a lack of understanding and misdiagnosis of women's health issues.

Favorite Quotes from Anca Griffiths:

  • "Why would you think menstrual pain is normal?"
  • "Women's menstrual cycle is like her report card on her health."
  • "Women are almost hardwired to react to information... and prioritize their own bodies in a certain way."

Resources & Links:

  • Learn more about OM and explore their resources at OM Health Hub: omhealthhub.com.
  • "Why Women Aren't Winning at Health" is a book co-authored by Anca Griffiths that provides an in-depth understanding of women's health in today's world.

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