What's Your Dating Ick? with Nicole Andersson S8 EP8

In this candid episode of the Sexytime Podcast, we're joined by Nicole Andersson, a good friend of Belle and Ava. As someone who's experienced the highs and lows of modern dating, Nicole shares her perspective on mixed signals, setting standards, and the role of honesty in relationships.

Explore the nuances of dating today and gather tips that might just change your approach to relationships.

Episode Highlights:

[00:03] Introduction to Nicole Anderson: We reintroduce Nicole, discussing her dating experiences and why she’s passionate about maintaining high standards.

[01:07] The Complexity of Signals in Dating: Nicole shares her thoughts on why women sometimes give mixed signals and the importance of clear communication.

[02:14] Setting and Respecting Standards: Nicole emphasizes the value of knowing your worth and not settling for less than you deserve in a relationship.

[10:33] Dealing with Relationship Expectations: She discusses how societal expectations and personal goals can affect dating and relationships.

[22:15] The Importance of Honesty: Nicole and hosts delve into how being upfront can prevent misunderstandings and build stronger connections.

[21:18] Dating in the Modern World: Challenges like the impact of social media on self-perception and relationships are explored.

[22:15] Paying on Dates: Insights into who should pay on a date and how handling such situations can reflect one’s character.

[32:22] The Role of Communication: Nicole stresses how crucial open and honest communication is in navigating the dating world effectively.

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