Tessa Prieto on Renewal, Relationships, and Real Talk S8 EP9

About the Episode

In this episode of The Sexytime Podcast, we dive into the intriguing life of Tessa Prieto, a vibrant personality recently embracing her newfound single status after 26 years of marriage. Tessa shares her journey through love, loss, and personal discovery, revealing the complex dynamics of long-term relationships, the painful yet liberating path to self-reinvention, and her bold steps into new romantic territories. Her candid discussion touches on themes of annulment, midlife awakenings, and the pursuit of happiness beyond societal norms, offering a fresh perspective on what it means to rebuild one's life with courage and authenticity.

Episode Highlights

  • 00:20: Tessa discusses her vibrant life post-marriage and setting the stage for new adventures.
  • 07:48: Insights into Tessa's past marriage, highlighting how external perfection masked internal discord.
  • 20:34: Tessa advocates for the legalization of divorce in the Philippines, explaining its importance for personal and societal health.
  • 22:26: Tessa reveals her current romantic life and explores the concept of love beyond gender.
  • 38:49: Discussion on the societal pressures that affect personal relationships and the journey to finding one's true self.
  • 44:58: Tessa shares her holistic approach to overcoming heartbreak, including therapy and spiritual healing.

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