S3 E05 (Part 2 of 2): Who is Salome Salvi?




"It boils down to a poor understanding of consent and sex, in generally. People couldn't fathom that sex workers still have to negotiate consent with their clients with every single sexual encounter that we have." -Salome Salvi 

Salome Salvi is an independent adult content creator on several platforms such as PocketStars, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pornhub. She was also a consultant in an upcoming Vivamax film,  Kitty K7 - which is about a cam girl’s life. It’s out this July.

In part two of this episode, we continue the conversation on: 

  • Behind the scenes of making porn 
  • How women view porn versus men
  • Consent and boundaries for sex workers
  • Misconceptions on sex work