Quickie Q&A with Belle and Ava S8 EP1

Welcome to Season 8!

We're back with a new season, and it's our 80th episode (plus the bonuses we've given you). As we kick off, we're diving into your emails, sharing personal stories, and giving our take on your experiences. This season, expect more experts to weigh in and more personal stories that resonate with all of us.

Favorite Quotes:

  • "Sometimes people stick around with people because they're like, this is what's good for us. And we need to be a solid family. But, quick take it from me my parents were divorced at an early age. And at that early age, I wanted them to stick it out. But now, after everything, I'm like, I'm so happy that they split up. They both live separate lives, and they're happier. They were happier." - Ava
  • "If you feel that your needs aren't met, and he can still be a good dad to your baby, you don't have to be with him." - Belle

In This Episode:

  • Listener's Dilemma - Relationship Struggles Post-Pregnancy: A first-time mom shares her struggles with emotional and physical intimacy after childbirth, seeking advice on how to navigate this challenging phase in her relationship. (1:36)
  • Social Media and Relationships: A discussion on how partners react to each other's social media behavior, especially when it comes to liking pictures of others. We explore the impact of this behavior on relationships. (10:50)
  • The Journey of a 37-Year-Old Virgin: A listener shares her experience of feeling unattractive and her struggles with intimacy. We discuss the importance of self-love and finding confidence within oneself. (18:52)
  • Exploring Sexual Fantasies in Marriage: A working mom shares her and her husband's curiosity about Yoni massages and threesomes. We talk about communication, understanding fantasies, and setting boundaries in relationships. (29:56)
  • Listener Appreciation: We appreciate a heartfelt message from a 46-year-old listener who has been married for 23 years and is a podcast fan. (30:42)

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