Playing Hard to Get with Prof. Jayson Shi JIA S7 EP 5

"It's not just how attractive or nice your CV is. You have to get people motivated to pay attention first, right? Because you think about the amount of information in your daily lives, we're overwhelmed by it, especially in the digital age. Or if someone is scanning CVs or someone's on Bumble and Tinder looking at profiles, they're probably distracted and there has to be something that grabs their attention." Prof. Jayson Shi JIA on dating profiles and marketing yourself

Prof. Jayson Shi JIA is an expert in behavioral science and consumer psychology in the digital era. His work has received media coverage from popular outlets, including BBC, Business Insider, Scientific American, The Guardian, Psychology Today, Stanford Business Magazine, Harvard Business Review, MIT, Sloan Review and many more.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How he ended up researching the idea of "playing hard to get."
  • How does playing hard to get relate to attraction?
  • When does playing hard to get work, and when does it not
  • How can people market themselves better in dating

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