On Mikee, Dating & Youth with Alex Gonzaga-Morada S7 EP1 Part 1 of 2


On marriage: "It's a partnership. That's why you get married because you love each other. But when you enter a marriage, that's why there's a contract, it's a contract, legality-wise...So if you partner up with someone, you will be the strength of their weaknesses, and your weaknesses will be their strength because that's how it is."

-Alex Gonzaga-Morada

Catherine Cruz Gonzaga-Morada, professionally known as Alex Gonzaga, is a Filipino media personality. In this episode, we talk about marriage and relationships:

  • Meeting Mikee
  • How they started dating and the early challenges
  • A letter from a listener on making time in a marriage

This is for anyone who is entering a marriage.

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