Narcissism with Dr Seema Calip S7 EP10

"Narcissism is a personality style, I would describe it as such. And there's there's distinctions. There's a spectrum, right? So there are people who are highly narcissistic, and they reach that level of disorder in are highly narcissistic. And they may not necessarily meet the definition of a disorder where it causes impairment, but it causes a lot of havoc in other people's lives." -Dr. Seema Calip

In this episode, we have Dr. Seema Calip back on Narcissism. We talk about:

    • Characteristics of a Narcissist
    • Rage and gaslighting
    • Does narcissism get worse over time? Can it be addressed?
    • What causes narcissism?
    • Is there healthy narcissism?
    • How someone reveals narcissism
    • What if you're attracted to narcissism


Doctor Ramani:

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