How To Practice Family Planning with Amina Evangelista Swanepoel, Founding Executive Director of Roots of Health S6 EP10


So, our first client was this girl I'll call Jessica. And she was 17 years old, and she already had two kids. She was holding her three-year-old's hand and carrying a baby. And she did not want to have a pregnancy for another three years, so she wanted to have the implant. But she and her partner hadn't been using any contraception. So, before giving her the implant, our team had to give her a pregnancy test to ensure she wasn't pregnant. Unfortunately, the pregnancy test came back positive. And so they had to tell her that..." - Ami Swanepoel 

Ami is a Filipino American who grew up in the Philippines. She went to the US for college. In grad school, she studied public health. She’s been doing amazing work as a Reproductive Health Advocate and Director of Roots of Health. 

Her organization envisions self-reliant women, young people and families leading healthy reproductive lives in the Philippines.

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