How to create a safe space for sex with Feast founders, Amanda and Summer S5 EP 4


 "In high school, I did have sex ed, but they basically handed me a banana and a condom and were like, 'Here you go. Have fun. Have safe sex.' But there was never education about STIs, HIV, and even what it's like to even lose your virginity." -Amanda

Amanda and Summer, the two founders behind, a sexual wellness platform dedicated to like-minded individuals to create a safe space for learning from one another, sharing their stories, and receiving the proper sexual education lacking in today's society. We watch Euphoria and such shows, but nowhere to debrief the information we are getting on sex. Or nowhere to feel safe to ask embarrassing questions or the things we're interested in but we're nervous to say out loud.

We ask them the juicy questions:

  • Is there a sexy way to tell someone you're a virgin?
  • How do you tell someone I have herpes?
  • What's the best sex tip you've received?
  • How do you tell someone you're ready to have sex?

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