Healing from Trauma and Empowering Women's Sexuality with Stephanie Zubiri S9 EP3

Ava and Belle are joined by their multifaceted friend Stephanie Zubiri — author, journalist, motivational speaker, Reiki practitioner, and host of the Soulful Feast Podcast.

Stephanie opens up about her personal and professional journey, including past abusive relationships, her experience with abuse, and overcoming trauma.

They discuss a collaborative project, the Sacred Body workshop, aimed at integrating mind, body, and spirit for a fulfilling sexual experience. The conversation covers setting boundaries, healing from trauma, and the importance of self-love and self-awareness in relationships.

Stephanie also shares insights on reclaiming personal power through self-pleasure and gives practical advice on rebuilding after divorce and toxic relationships.

00:57 Collaboration and Sacred Body Workshop

04:18 Exploring Trauma and Healing

08:16 Steph's Journey Through Relationships

22:33 Financial Struggles and Emotional Turmoil

24:29 Recognizing and Addressing Substance Abuse

26:06 The Importance of Boundaries in Relationships

29:48 Healing and Moving Forward

33:55 Finding Love Again

41:25 Best and Worst Relationship Advice

44:41 Final Thoughts and Wrap-Up

Key Quotes:

  1. "Trauma presents itself as a trigger. Maybe look in your life where those triggers are." (00:11:12)
  2. "Your trauma won't surface until you're ready to face it. Don't force yourself in the journey." (00:12:30)
  3. "I felt that he was supposed to be the captain of our ship, and he steered us wrong." (00:34:45)
  4. "You don't need to be married to be a good father. You can still be a good father and present for the kids." (00:38:12)
  5. "Boundaries are really, really important. You need to know what you want your life to look like and how you want to feel." (00:52:10)

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