Dating & Intimacy with Matchmaker Vanessa Antonio S4 EP01

Are you single and unsure about dating? To start season four, we talk to Philippine's only certified dating coach and matchmaker, Vanessa Antonio on how to date effectively. 
Coach Vanessa Antonio is the founder of Singles Events Manila, an organization that helps singles find their perfect match. She has a Masters Degree in Sociology at the De La Salle University. She also got certified as a matchmaker at New York’s Matchmaking Institute.
In this episode, we cover: 
  • How to filter the right dates 
  • Secrets to attraction
  • Dating trends
  • How intimacy affects the dating phase 
A Sexytime fact from Coach Vee: "If they ejaculate inside you, that makes a woman more attached. So, condoms do not only prevent pregnancy, it also prevents attachment." If you have other questions on pleasure, don’t be shy and send a message. 
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