Building Relationship Goals with Megan Young: Love, Loyalty, and Lasting Relationships S9 EP1

In this exciting episode, we sit down with Megan Young to discuss the dynamics of her long-term relationship with her husband, Mikael Daez. Megan opens up about how they met, their journey together, and the secrets to keeping their relationship strong over the years. She also shares her thoughts on handling jealousy, the importance of communication, and the non-negotiables that have kept their love alive.

Episode Highlights

  • [00:03] Belle welcomes Megan Young to the show and discusses how they managed to get her as a guest.
  • [01:33] Megan talks about her relationship with Mikael Daez, how they met, and their early interactions.
  • [03:38] The importance of boundaries and non-negotiables in their relationship.
  • [07:34] Megan and Mikael's 14-year journey together and their commitment to each other.
  • [09:19] Handling jealousy and maintaining trust in a relationship.
  • [12:11] Navigating the challenges of being in the spotlight and dealing with public perceptions.
  • [17:49] Tips on keeping the romance alive through small, meaningful gestures.
  • [20:51] The role of gaming in Megan and Mikael's relationship and how it keeps them connected.
  • [23:13] Megan's advice on dealing with infidelity and the importance of open communication.
  • [30:00] Their decision to have a private wedding and the significance of keeping certain aspects of their life personal.
  • [33:19] Listener question: Should you be concerned if your partner doesn’t post about your relationship on social media?
  • [37:37] Megan’s thoughts on sex education, best advice on intimacy, and the importance of exploring your own needs.

Key Quotes

      • "If a guy is really into you and he knows that he wants to be with you, he will flaunt you." - Megan Young
      • "We had discussions about how committed we are as a couple, and one of the things we thought about was fighting and the term 'cool off'—if you say you want to cool off or break up, it means you're not willing to fight for something." - Megan Young
      • "Communicate with your partner and figure out what makes you happy and excited. Explore together and keep the fire alive." - Megan Young

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