Anal sex and play with Dr. Evan Goldstein S4 EP6 (Part 2 of 2)

We asked Dr. Evan about the stereotype that men who like anal play could be gay. He said, “Let's go back to the Roman times where everybody was sexually active with everybody. And it (the anal area) wound up just being this pleasure/ sensual zone. When you think of a male prostate stimulation from anal play, it allows the male to get so much more from the orgasm than they have ever gotten before.”

Dr. Evan Goldstein is a sexual health and wellness expert, anal surgeon and co-founder of Future Method, which is a men’s health brand that carries products catering to sex care. He founded Bespoke Surgical, when he saw that many of his clients – gay men – weren't engaging safely or using beneficial methods to prepare for engagement. Dr. Goldstein's mission is to educate all communities on safe and fun anal engagement.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How to have a pleasurable anal sex experience
  • What kind of STD’s to be aware of 
  • Douching 
  • Anal health
  • Myths around anal play
  • Anal reconstruction

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Dr. Goldstein

Bespoke Surgical

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