A Pride Month Story: Coming Out & Owning Your Sexuality with Mond Gutierrez S6 EP4

On the June 2022 Mega Magazine Cover: "When I did my interview with Mega for that magazine cover, it wasn't because I wanted to come out like I was already out to my closest friends and my family. It was about sharing my story and my struggles. And hopefully, it would inspire a lot of people out there to do the same. You don't need to look far, even our peers in showbiz. Not a lot of people have the courage to do that. I wanted to open the doors and be one of the first to be like, 'Look at me, my endorsements weren't affected. My relationships weren't affected. My career wasn't affected.' Actually, if anything, I had benefited from it." - Mond Gutierrez

It's been a year since that interview was published. For Pride month, we interview Mond about that moment and dig deeper into his coming out story and how he has learned to accept and love himself.

We talk about:

  • The friendship we had with him
  • Growing up and accepting himself
  • Coming out
  • The pressures he had to deal with
  • How crucial it is to have supportive family and friends
  • His advice for how one can support someone who is gay
  • Embracing one's self and sexuality


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