When Do Breasts Stop Growing?


Breast development in girls is a sign that they are entering puberty and soon, they will be a woman. This means it can be an exciting and confusing time for teens because of the changes in their body and their awkward phase will begin. 

When Do Breasts Stop Growing?

Normally, breasts will stop growing when girls turn 17 or 19 years old – depending on the teen’s hormones and development. But girls, don’t be scared or don’t overthink if your breasts are still growing after 17 - 19 years old. The development of breasts varies from one girl to another, and sometimes, your breasts can continue to grow in your early twenties!

What Happens During Breast Development?

  • Age and Phase your Breasts start to Grow

A woman’s breasts start to develop in the womb as the nipples grow and the start of the milk-duct system forms when the gender is determined. 

During puberty (ages 8 to 13 years old), there will be visible signs of breast development. The ovaries will release or secrete oestrogen that causes bodily changes to teens – breasts included. In addition, the milk-duct system grows and a small amount of tissues will form under the nipples. When a teenage girl’s period starts, the breasts continue to grow and mature. 

  • Breast Development: THE SIGNS

The first sign of breast development is when your breasts have a slight swelling under the nipple – which is often called the breast buds. 

As your breasts start to grow, they tend to be tender and sore. Your breasts will also itch since the skin will be stretched! But don’t worry girls, buying your first bra will help because it can help minimize the growing pains of your breasts and support the growth of your breasts. Also, don’t be scared if you have stretch marks on your breasts because it means that they are growing rapidly and the stretch marks will fade over time!

The breasts will continue to develop when your body fat is increasing during puberty. Your breasts will be rounder and fuller, and your areola may become larger, darker, and will also be erect. Moreover, it’s perfectly fine that the other breast is growing faster than the other because over time, these will even out eventually.

  • Fully Grown Breasts? Here’s how you can find out!

The sure sign that your breasts are fully grown is when you are in your late teens or early twenties and your breasts have stayed the same size for a period of time!

If you’re experiencing breast development, do not panic because it is normal, safe, and part of growing up!

How Big Will Your Breasts Get?

The 5 factors that determine how big your breasts will be or how big your breasts are are these:

  1. Family History
  2. Age
  3. Weight
  4. Menstruation
  5. Pregnancy and Nursing

Breast size differs from one lady to another. So don’t compare your breasts to other ladykins because of how big or how small your breasts are –  it is perfectly normal!

What to Do When you’re Unhappy With Your Breasts

If you feel that you are self-conscious about your breast size, it is perfectly normal! Just think that your breasts are your weapons so be confident with it and embrace it! 

It is also normal and common that you have one breast slightly bigger (trust us, it’s normal and it always happens. But just like what we said, it will even out eventually!), it is common that you have slightly sore or swollen breasts at times, mainly it’s because it is still growing, and that the hair around your nipple and stretch marks? They are totally fine! 

Remember queens, be confident with your body and all else will follow!

Advice for Small Breasts And Large Breasts Ladies

  • For small-breasted ladies

Even if people will tease and name-call you that you’re a boy or that you’re not a woman, don’t mind them. Instead, take comfort that your small breasts can be an advantage! Just think that you can wear any clothes you like and that you can be androgynous! Moreover, think of the positive attributes that your small breasts have to offer.

Loving and embracing your small breasts is also a big “f— you!” to society’s standards towards women! 

  • For big-breasted ladies

For our big-breasted besties, don’t let your bust define who you are. Remember, you are what you are because of your attitude to yourself, to others, and to your body! Your breast size does not define you as a person – YOU define YOU as a person!

In addition, stop with your self-deprecating jokes about your big breasts. It is not helping. This will most likely keep you in a bad place if you’re making jokes about the size of your busts. Instead of self-deprecating and self-defeating jokes, why not make meditating a habit and looking at yourself in the mirror and saying great and positive affirmations about yourself?

Breasties, always remember that changing how you look at yourself in a positive light even if you’re small-breasted or big-breasted will impact your confidence and yourself in a great way! It’s time to embrace what you have and work on it!

Why Do Your Breasts Change?

After puberty your breasts are still changing, mainly it’s because of these things:

  • Period

During your menstrual cycle, the amount of estrogen and progesterone in your body increases. These hormones will stimulate your milk-ducts making your breasts swollen and larger. After your period, your breasts will return to its normal size. 

  • Pregnancy

Pregnancy can cause massive breast growth all thanks to your hormones! Your breasts will also grow big during your pregnancy because it is a way of preparing your breasts to nurse your baby!

  • Weight Gain

Weight gain or even weight loss can change the size of your breasts! Breasts have fatty issues in them so the more fatty tissues you have, you’re most likely to have bigger breasts.

  • Aging

As you grow older, your breasts will continue to shrink because of tissue dehydration. Later in your life, your breasts will then sag and be smaller. 


Your breasts stop growing depending on your age (17-19 years old) and it will continue to get smaller or bigger depending on your hormones or whatever is happening to your body. Remember ladies, different factors affect the size of your breasts and it’s perfectly safe and normal that your breasts are changing! 

To end this article, we will leave you with a positive affirmation to always love your body and be confident about it!









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