My Pussy Tastes Like…

“My pussy tastes like pepsi cola, my eyes are wide like cherry pies”

- Lana del Rey

If you’re like us who believed in Lana del Rey’s opening lines of her song “Pepsi Cola” that our pussy tastes like Pepsi Cola, well…think again!

What Does Vagina Taste Like?

Vagina’s taste differs from one person to another. It can be sweet, sour and salty, or metallic depending on what you have eaten or what activities you did. The taste also differs every month, all thanks to your menstrual cycle! Keep in mind, girls, the different tastes of your vagina is common and normal – as long as it does not smell like a pungent fish or rotten odor!

  • Metallic

If your vagina tastes metallic, chances are your vagina is healthy and naturally acidic! But don’t panic, bestie. It means natural acids in the vagina balances your balance the bacteria on your lady bits. 

A metallic vagina taste usually tastes like a penny or a battery. If your intrusive thoughts are winning and if you want to taste a penny or a battery just to know the taste of a metal, then go ahead. That’s one of the tastes of the vagina. 

If you’re menstruation period is over and you want to have some sexy time with your partner, you might want to give them a heads up that your vagina will taste like metal because traces of blood will still be in your lady bits. Remember, blood usually tastes like metal because of its iron content. 

  • Salty and Sour

If you’re an active person and sweating is your bestie, note that your vagina can be a little bit salty and sour because of the sweat that formed on your inner thighs and your vagina after you exercise. Moreover, not cleaning yourself after you pee can leave your vagina salty and sour too because traces of urine can still be in and around your pussy! 

What Vagina Shouldn’t Taste Like

Vagina is the home of sweat glands and bacteria and it is completely normal! The taste and smell of your vagina vary depending on the pH balance, hormones, and menstrual cycle. Some smells or tastes of the vagina can be a sign of something else towards your health so be mindful of these types of what the vagina should not taste and smells like!

  • Fishy

If your vagina tastes and smells like a fish or it’s a pungent fishy smell, more likely it’s because of the chemical trimethylamine which can also be a cause of other vaginal odors too!

If the pungent fishy taste still persists, maybe it is because of Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) which occurs when there is a growth of anaerobic bacteria that can cause a rotting fish smell.

Another cause that can make your vagina taste and smells like fish is maybe you might have trichomoniasis, a sexually transmitted infection that can make your lady bits smell and tastes like a dead fish.

If you or your partner smelled a fishy scent, it’s a sign and it’s time to call your gynecologist so that they will further investigate the cause and the treatment of your fish-scented vagina.

  • Fruity and Flowery

We all love the smell of fruits and flowers and sometimes we want our pussy to taste and smell like fruits and flowers. If your vagina taste and smells like fruits and flowers, there’s nothing wrong! But if you notice a discharge that’s like cottage cheese down there, you might want to have a check-up because this could indicate a yeast infection so be mindful if it’s accompanied by feelings of burning, dryness, and itchiness. 

  • Funky

If your vagina tastes and smells rotten or funky, maybe you might have STIs or STDs that should be treated right away. 

Remember girlies, a healthy vagina smells like your natural odor or how your body responded to what you eat so if the taste or the smell is off, always, ALWAYS, observe and inform your OB-GYNE about it!

What Affects the Taste of Vagina?

Vagina’s taste will differ from time to time but this list is the factors as to why your vagina tastes that way!

  • Diet

You are what you eat. The taste of your vagina will depend on your diet! If you love to eat asparagus, chances are your urine will make your urine smell strongly and that can affect the smell and taste of your vagina. 

If you love to eat spicy foods, you will sweat a lot, thus, making your coochie sweat a little more, and can make your vagina smell and taste aromatic too! 

  • Alcohol

While partying, you drank a lot of alcohol and you met a cute person. Things got frisky and they went down on you. Besides perspiring a lot because you had too much to drink, your vagina’s smell and taste will also be different depending on what alcohol you take – it can be sweet, sour, or bitter!

  • Tobacco

Smoking can negatively impact your body, vagina included. How does it affect the vagina? The answer is simple! The smoke smell absorbs into your skin and hair making your body and even your coochie tastes like an ashtray. Moreover, the chemicals that are used in the cigs can also make your vagina more acidic and bitter.

  • Poor Hygiene

If you always depend on your vagina to actually clean itself, well, it can also be a factor as to why your pussy tastes that different. Girlies, it’s okay to clean and do some basic hair maintenance to your vagina because the vagina also absorbs odors!

How to keep your Vagina Healthy and Fresh

As long as you and your pussy are healthy, then there will be no foul taste or odor! But here are some ways to improve the taste of your vagina!

  • Limit Certain Foods

A healthy diet not only makes you healthy but it can also keep your vagina happy! Try to add more nutrient-dense food to your diet! Try to eat leafy greens since they are loaded with vitamins!

  • Limit Alcohol and Tobacco

Cut your alcohol and tobacco intake. Not only it is unhealthy but it can make your vagina smell and tastes unpleasant! 

  • Don’t eat before it’s time to go down!

Girls, remember this: NEVER EVER EAT anything spicy or NEVER EVER eat asparagus before someone goes down on you! Trust us, your partner or the cute person you at a party will not like what your pussy will taste like if they go down on you!

  • Try not to worry

If you’re overthinking about the taste and smell of your vagina, just relax and breathe. Remember that the metallic, sour, and salty taste of the vagina is normal unless it smells like fishy or rotten.

  • Skip Feminine Hygiene

You don’t really need feminine hygiene when it comes to cleaning your vagina because your vagina is actually doing a pretty good job at it! Many feminine hygiene might seem well-intentioned but sometimes, it can cause infections or they can also worsen the condition of your lady bits. In addition, feminine hygiene can also make your pH levels unnatural, which might cause bacterial growth!

  • Hydration

To keep your pussy happy, clean, healthy, and smelling good, drink your water, gurl! Not only will it help you with your overall health but drinking h20 regularly will also help flush out your urethra!

  • Gently cleanse outside your vulva

Cleaning your vulva and your vagina can also make your lady bits healthy and fresh! Here are the cleaning methods that you should keep in mind:

  1. Rinse your vulva with warm water
  2. Spread your labia apart and use warm water and a clean cloth to cleanse
  3. Wash your anal area regularly
  4. After peeing or pooping, wipe from front to back

Now that you know these tips for keeping your vagina fresh and healthy, your sex life and your sexual health will be more fun than ever!


The scent of your vagina is different than anyone and everyone else so don’t compare! As long as your vagina’s happy and doesn’t have any STD or STI-like symptoms in terms of smell and taste, then your pussy tastes just fine!


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