Toy Stories: All About The Good Vibrations

Sex toys – or adult toys have been becoming more and more mainstream in recent years. The purchase and usage of these sexual aids spiked last year as the pandemic struck the world and forced almost everyone into isolation and quarantine. With being barred from meeting potential sex partners physically, people started to look for alternative ways to satisfy their sexual needs. To the rescue are the sex toys and accessories that delivered satisfaction and pleasure to a lot of people at a time when they needed it most. After all, it's time we realized that self-pleasure is a form of self-care. It's good for us.

It is crucial to mention that everyone uses sex toys for different reasons. They are not only good to bone when you're alone, but there are also types designed to use with a partner. In addition, there are inclusive toys that help people with disabilities or limited mobility to make it easier for them to masturbate, have sex or do sexual activities or positions that would otherwise be harder or not possible for them. With the seemingly limitless options, it can be intimidating to decide on a sex toy. Fortunately, we're here to break down the 10 most common types of sex toys for you, and once you have a sense of what are available, it would be a lot easier to decide on what specific toy is more of your speed.

10 Most Common Types of Sex Toys

  1. Wand Vibrators

Vibrators aka vibes are probably the most common type of sex toy. These 'wands' vibrate at a high RPM to stimulate your genitals. There are different types of vibes- there are some designed for external clitoral stimulation, while others can go inside your private part. Wand vibrators, like the Bobble Personal Vibrator, work well if you enjoy intense sensations. Its short stem is easy to hold during play and its size is compact enough to keep anywhere you want.

  1. Dildos

Dildos are phallic-shaped objects used to dupe a penile penetration which means there are typically no vibrations. They come in different sizes, colors and some even look like real penises, completely detailed down to the veins! 

  1. Clitoral Suction Toys

The clit suction toys are one of the most favored toys by women today. A clit sucker uses airflow technology to simulate a gentle sucking feeling as if your partner is curving their tongue around the clit. This may be your perfect toy if you are into oral sex or if you find vibration patterns too intense.

  1. Rabbit Vibrators

A rabbit toy is a combination of two types of vibrators. It has an external vibrator and a second attachment used to stimulate the g-spot. When used at the same time, the rabbit toy will provide a very pleasurable dual sensation. Rabbit pleasure toys, such as Chinchilla Personal Vibrator, are best for people who love 'blended' orgasms. 

  1. Masturbation Sleeves

Masturbation sleeves or just sleeves are soft tubes where you can put your penis into. Very commonly known to people as 'Fleshlight' although it is just one brand of the sleeve. There are plenty of sleeves in the market, including those types with pulsating, sucking, and even heating features.  

  1. Anal Toys

Anal toys are any sex objects designed to go inside your anus. Prostate massager and anal beads are some examples of this. While anal toys are generally more popular among the male audience, women that find anal stimulation pleasurable can also use anal toys.

  1. Strap-ons

A strap-on is a sex garment that holds a packer or a dildo and is worn like underwear. Strap-on harnesses are typically used for female thrusting/penetrating activities, but that is only one large draw of the toy, among many others. Don't be afraid to experiment with your partner when using one!

  1. Butt Plug

Another toy that goes up in your rear end. Butt plugs are commonly used to simulate a feeling of "fullness" and can help with anal orgasm. Pro tip: A butt plug is the best toy to "stretch" your anus and get you primed for bigger things, especially when you're just starting to explore your anal region.  

  1. Cock Rings

Cock rings are sex toys that double as a treatment for erectile dysfunction! They look like rings that can be worn around the base of the penis and are primarily used to make erections harder and longer-lasting. Many modern cock rings also provide clitoral stimulation during penetration so it can be good for your partner too!

  1. Sex Swings

Sex swings are one of the most inclusive sex accessories that can spice up almost any bedroom activity. True to their name, they are composed of slings and swings that you attach to a wall, ceiling, or mount over a door. These swings can help you and your partner pull off different positions you never thought was possible and can also provide support for people with limited mobility. Alexa, play Defying Gravity.

Whether you're looking for your first vibe or your tenth or twentieth, it's always best to know a few things about a product before buying it. Take your time, do your research, and don't feel rushed to settle on the first available toy you see. It doesn't even have to look like a penis! Remember that this is all about you and your pleasure, and as a general rule of thumb- lubricate liberally. It doesn't matter if you're a novice or a sex toy expert, there's almost nothing that a lube can't improve. Ready now to take your pleasure to new heights?


By Coco Eje

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