The Sexy Hotspots: Erogenous Zones and All Parts Pleasurable

Sex looks and feels different for each one of us. Some people like long sessions of foreplay, and then others enjoy going at it immediately- all in the name of that glorious, earth-shattering climax. However, while some of us have already figured out what sexual techniques best assist us to get there, there are still folks out there that could use a little help. A little nudge in the right direction. Maybe even a little tickle. Where? Well, you'll find out below.

Before we get started, let me tell you one thing: Sex goes far beyond the obvious.

Given that our bodies are made up of millions of nerve-endings that send messages to the brain when we feel sensations, it's no secret that certain body parts give us intense pleasure when touched. These are called the erogenous zones. Sure, the genitals, but it goes far beyond that. We also have extragenital erogenous zones, and it's easy to neglect those body parts when there's a lack of awareness. I just discovered my pleasure chest (ah, another great pun for hidden sexual gems) not too long ago, and let me tell you- it's a major game-changer that I would let someone go straight for it. It's the earlobes. I never thought my ears would have erotic potentials, but it turns out they do. I like it when my partner gives gentle attention to my ears. It feels very intimate and sexy!

More than the personal accounts and rumors, here are some scientifically documented erogenous zones/great sexual hotspots that would delight you in bed when explored:


Hand, or palm – People often rush stimulation. Taking a second to hold your partner's hand while maintaining eye contact and feeling their presence can go a long way toward creating THAT mood. You know exactly what mood I'm talking about. Wink.


Neck – Several online polls surveyed by both men and women ranked neck as a major erogenous zone. According to the results, the neck ranked even higher than breasts and nipples!


Head – Well, no, not that head. Your actual head. Particularly the scalp. Have you ever been shampooed in a salon while getting your hair done? If not, it feels super soothing, super relaxing, so imagine when your partner gently plays with your hair or massages your scalp in bed.


Earlobe – So it turns out, it's not just me! Science says that our ears are full of sensory receptors that produce sensations that can flow throughout the entire body!


Armpit – This is highly individual, and it's still up for debate for many people. Though it may sound strange, having your armpit touched or smelling your partner's armpit can be a turn-on for many.


These are just some examples of erogenous zones that you can explore by yourself or with a partner. Sure, it can be a great addition to your "usual routine" and may offer extra pleasure for you. But the key takeaway here is just because a specific body part is considered an erogenous zone doesn't mean everyone likes to be touched there. Communication is still very important because we are all unique people with unique bodies. Talk it through with your partner, let them know what works for you and know what works for them. Remember that communication is the number one ingredient for that satisfying and amazing sex life regardless if you're single, in a relationship, or married.


Experience fun yet safe sex by exploring new ways to spice up your intimate activity. Listen to The Sexytime Podcast and learn ways how to practice safe sex. Remember, SEX-CARE IS SELF-CARE.


By Coco Eje

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