It's A Hairy Situation: The Purpose of Pubic Hair

Table of Contents

  • What is the Purpose of the Hair from Down There?
  • Is there such a thing as having “Too Much” Pubic Hair?
  • Is it Unhygienic?
  • Why Do People Remove It?
  • Risks of Pubic Hair Removal
  • Best Way To Remove Hair
  • Should You Remove Your Hair?
  • Conclusion

Ah…pubic hair. Our hair down under. The hair that protects our genital areas from harm and unwanted visitors. The hair that some or most of us are ashamed to have because we feel that it’s disheveled, dirty, and can turn off potential partners. But whatever our hairy situation is down there, there are many great pubic hair attributes that can make you appreciate your hair down there a little bit more!

What is the Purpose of the Hair from Down There? 

Just like any other hair in our body, the purpose of our pubic hair is to protect us! According to Dr. Sherry Ross, an OB-GYNE at Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, California, our pubic hair “acts as a gatekeeper for preventing dirt from entering the vagina.” Moreover, our pubic hair plays a role in sexual attraction and sexual pleasure. 

Still not convinced? Well here are some of the purposes of your pubic hair to your body:

Friction Protection

The skin on our genitals is delicate and soft. With that, our pubic hair serves as a buffer or a shield so that the skin on our genitals will not be irritated during sex or any other physical activity. 

A study also stated that pubic hairs serve as a “dry lubricant” during sex because hair-to-hair contact can make your arousal more explosive and more intense instead of skin-to-skin rubbing. 

Reduces the Production of Sweat

Your pubic hair also filters the amount of sweat in your genitals, thus, the smell that you’re smelling in the area is the sweat that your pubic hair filters!

Prevents Bacteria and other Microorganisms

Just like the hair from our nose, ears, etc., the pubic hair also fights off and traps bacteria and other microorganisms that want to enter your vagina. 

Keeps the Optimal Temperature for Genitals

Too hot or too cold? Your pubic hair got you covered! It will surely protect and keep your genitals warm or cold – depending on the weather! 

Your pubic hair can also make your genitals warm which can lead to arousal – so when you’re alone or with a partner, your pubic hair will work on your arousal to keep you sexually satisfied!

Traps the “Love” Hormones – Pheromones

As we all know, pheromones play a special part in attracting a partner. With the help of our “friend” from down there, they trap the pheromones and keep them a little longer. We may not smell our own pheromones but this will send a signal to your chosen mate or partner to be attracted to us! *wink* 

While “pubic hair traps pheromones to attract a potential partner” looks like a strong theory, there are still little to no studies proving this!

Still can’t picture the purpose of your pubic hair? Well, think of it this way, your pubic hair is some sort of a superhero, keeping its enemies at bay so that the city (your vagina), is safe from any harm.

Is there such a thing as having “TOO MUCH” Pubic Hair?

There is no textbook standard of pubic hair growth because it varies from one person to another. However, always be alert and observant of your pubic hair growth because sometimes, extreme or excessive growth of pubic hair is a sign that you might have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). If you feel like your pubic hair growth is growing excessively, consult the symptoms with your doctor for further analysis on whether it’s PCOS or not. 

Is it Unhygienic?

Oftentimes, the Western standard or the way the media frame pubic hair is that it’s yucky, dirty, and unhygienic. But here’s the tea, besties: IT IS NOT UNHYGIENIC.

Remember folx, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS clean your pubic hair whenever you’re taking a shower or taking a bath so that it is maintained and hygienic. 

Why Do People Remove It?

Now that we know the purpose and significance of pubic hair, we now go to the reason why people remove it. Is it because of pressure or society’s standards? Well, here’s why:

Personal Preference

If you feel that your genitals look great without pubic hair and you feel good without it, then go for it! We are not stopping you for not having pubic hair! Whatever floats your boat, we support you! 

Societal Standards

Grooming your pubic hair is a common practice even before. For generations, it has been passed for us women to remove our pubic hair because of how society views beauty and how pubic hair is not part of their “description” of beauty.

Partner Anticipation

According to a study, 21.1% of women groom their pubic hair because that’s what their partner prefers. It is great that you’re attentive to your partner's wants, needs, or preferences but keep in mind that it is your body and your choice so if you’re not happy that your partner prefers to remove your pubic hair, maybe you can talk to them and that they should respect your decision.

Enhanced Sensitivity

For some, removing their pubic hair increases genital sensation thus, making them more aroused. However, there are still no studies on the connection between the removal of one’s pubic hair to sexual sensation. 

Risks of Pubic Hair Removal

Removing or grooming your pubic hair is fine but you should be mindful of risks that might happen if you always remove your pubic hair such as these risks:


Cuts and wounds are the prevalent injuries associated with pubic hair removal. According to a 2017 study, 25.5% of pubic hair groomers have sustained these injuries during or after pubic hair removal. 


Because pubic hair traps and blocks the bacteria that want to enter your genital area, removing your pubic hair makes your genitals more susceptible to infections such as UTIs, yeast infections, etc.

Boils, Abscesses, Ingrown Hair

Removal of your pubic hair can irritate and infect your skin since there is no shield for your genital area – making boils, abscesses, and ingrown hair grow to the skin of your genitals.


Since your genitals have no pubic hair protection that filters the bacteria or fluids that are released during sex, you might contract STIs or sexually transmitted infections. One study stated that people who always groom their pubic hair have had STIs at some point in their lives compared to non-groomers. 

These risks can be avoided if you: 

  • Clean your hands before, during, and after grooming your pubes
  • Disinfect razors, scissors, and change razor blades often
  • Moisturize the skin
  • Exfoliate regularly
  • Always clean your genital area
  • Use protection when having sex so there will be limited skin-to-skin contact especially if you just groomed your pubes

Best Way to Remove Hair


Shaving can cut too close to the skin. So be mindful that you must always change the razor blades that you are using in grooming your pubic hair because if not, then bacteria can enter your genitals. 

Always remember: shave by the direction of the hair growth so that you can avoid cuts and wounds!


This method is a big ouchie but this is what your friends do to remove the pubes! If you choose this method of removing your hair, make sure to go to professionals with lots of pubic hair removal experience! 

Pro-tip: Always observe the waxing procedure and ask the professional how to take care of your freshly waxed genitals.


Not only is this safe but this is the best way to groom your pubes ever! Since this is cost-effective, you can use scissors (that are ONLY used for the removal of your pubic hair), or a trimming tool. 

Because of the low risk of infection, trimming is heavily suggested for people who have weak immune systems due to diabetes, chemotherapy, or other medical reasons. 

Visiting A Professional

If you’re unsure of what you’re going to do with your pubic hair, it is best to visit a professional because they will usually know what is best for your skin and for your pubic hair. 

Pro-tip: Don’t be shy to ask questions or to share your grooming experience with the professional! Promise, they won’t judge you! 


Pubic hair is normal. Don’t feel ashamed that you have it because we all have it! Whatever you do with your pubic hair, is none of our business because it’s your body and it’s your choice. Do what makes you feel comfortable and happy with your pubic hair just be mindful of precautions and always take care of your genital area – pubic hair included. 


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