Should you practice Yoni sunning?

  • What is it? 
  • Why are people into this trend? 
  • Should you do it, and is it safe? 
  • If not Yoni sunning, what else should one do to get Vitamin D and connect to nature? 
  • Conclusion

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We've all gone to Doctor Google. It's the act of typing our medical questions into everyone's favorite search engine. 

Second to this, we've also gotten so hooked on Wellnesstiktok. Once, I asked a friend, "What's the obsession with TikTok?" She said, "I get the best parenting and mental health advice." She is just one of those people who get her information on TikTok. 

Let me introduce you to a new trend that's been making the rounds on TikTok. It's perineum and yoni sunning. 

This ritual means exposing your butthole, perineum, and genitals to the sun for 30 to 5 minutes. 

Andrew Huberman, PhD, the neuroscientist, professional at Standford School of Medicine, and podcaster, is prominent on using sunlight for health. Just wondering if he meant it this way. Let's unpack this wellness trend. 

What is it? 

Yoni sunning is a wellness trend that has gained traction on platforms like TikTok. It involves sun exposure to the Yoni (a term that originates from Sanskrit which often refers to the female genitalia).

The idea might be akin to other wellness practices that promote sun exposure for various health benefits.The theory is yoni sunning allows the body to absorb vitamin D through one's genitals. At the same time, it helps with energy levels and enhances mood. 

Some Instagram influencers will say there is a deeper connection between body and nature. A lot of healthcare experts are saying that this could result in sunburn or skin cancer. 

Why are people into this trend? 

The appeal of such wellness trends often stems from a combination of factors. With TikTok being a platform dominated by younger users, there's a constant search for novel and unique self-care practices. 

The lure of ancient wellness and indigenous healing practices, for instance, has gathered over 4.6 million views on TikTok, indicating a strong interest in holistic and naturalistic approaches to health

During the 1930s, prior to the advent of antibiotics, heliotherapy, or sunlight therapy, was highly regarded by medical professionals as a premier treatment for infectious ailments. The therapeutic sunlight not only revitalizes and warms the dormant parts of your Yoni but also immerses you in its illuminating embrace.

Yoni sunning, being a niche and unique practice, likely attracts attention due to its novelty and potential promises of health benefits, whether those are scientifically validated or not.

Some health influencers said it is connected to "an ancient Taoist practice that's been around for a while." So in one sense, it's connected to spirituality. 

And on the other side, it's society's obsession with living longer by consuming all the vitamins needed for the body. And, that includes Vitamin D! 

But should you do it? And is it even safe? 

Source: New York Post

Some medical experts and gynaecologists have expressed concerns about the potential risks associated with this practice.

Directly exposing sensitive areas like the Yoni and perineum to sunlight without proper protection can lead to sunburn and skin damage. Additionally, there is a risk of increased vulnerability to infections in these areas.

Healthcare professionals generally advise against sunning the genitalia due to its delicate nature and potential harm. Instead, they recommend obtaining vitamin D from safer sources, such as sunlight on other areas of the body, a balanced diet, or vitamin supplements, as advised by a healthcare provider.

The search results do not provide specific information about the safety of yoni sunning. However, like many health trends on TikTok, the safety and efficacy might be debated. 

As always, any new health or wellness practice should be cautiously approached. It's essential to consult with medical professionals or trusted sources to evaluate the potential risks and benefits. 

For example, medical professionals have weighed in on other TikTok health trends to debunk unsafe ones and give a green light to the harmless ones. Before trying Yoni sunning, it would be wise to do the same.

What should you do instead? 

Vitamin D is essential for our health, and while sun exposure can help our skin produce it, there are safer and more effective methods than exposing sensitive areas to direct sunlight. 

For Vitamin D:

  1. Spend 10-30 minutes daily in sunlight, ensuring that face, arms, and legs are exposed. The exact duration depends on skin type, location, and time of year.
  2. Consume foods rich in Vitamin D, such as fatty fish (salmon, mackerel), fortified foods (cereals, dairy products), and egg yolks.
  3. Consider taking Vitamin D supplements, especially during winter or if you live in northern latitudes.

For a connection to nature:

  1. Take regular walks in nature reserves, forests, or parks.
  2. Engage in activities like gardening, hiking, or bird-watching.
  3. Practice mindfulness or meditation in natural settings to enhance the feeling of connection.


Considering our genitals are very sensitive, it may be wise to reconsider Yoni sunning. It's an example that when it comes to sexual wellness, it's deeply personal. Whatever suits one person doesn't fit all. Just check out actor Josh Brolin shares his unfortunate sunning experience. 

TikTok may be a compelling platform. But proceed with caution and scepticism. Prioritize safety and consult with professionals. Meanwhile, numerous proven ways to get Vitamin D and connect with nature don't involve potential risks to sensitive areas of the body.


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