Sex Positions for Long Distance Relationships (LDR)

LDR or long-distance relationships have disadvantages and can make or break a couple’s commitment to each other. But with the help of recent technologies such as FaceTime, Zoom, Meets, Skype, Messenger, and other video call applications, you and your partner can have a healthy sex life and you can also spice things up with everything that you can do to tease or arouse your partner even if you’re not at an arm’s length with each other!

Best Sex Positions for LDR

Now ladies and gents, here are some of THE best LDR sex positions that you and your partner can enjoy! Remember, have fun, take the lead, and be creative.

Pabebe Face Only

  • If you’re FaceTiming or Skyping your partner while masturbating, focus the camera on your face only! This can build up teasing and imagination because they can only hear your moans and your orgasm face and they don’t know what’s happening down there.

The Rearview

  • Sit on your knees in front of the camera and let your partner watch from behind while you’re playing with your toy. This POV will make your partner’s arousal rise right then and there!

For-Your-Eyes Only 

  • This is the full-frontal sex position that can make your partner gaga over you! This is the close-up of your genitals and your partner can see you thrusting and moving. It’s like a private show for you and your partner only! 

The Voice

  • Wanting to try the old school phone sex but with today’s technology? Say no more because you can achieve the “The Voice” position with your partner. If you love creativity and imagination with the use of words, this position is for you. You can use your fantasy to create sexual scenarios and positions that can heat your partner! Remember, trust your instincts and your pleasure when doing this position!

Silhouette Private Show

  • This can make your partner go wild! Turn your lights low and let your silhouette do the movements! This position has an extra hot factor because your partner will decipher what movements are you doing. 

Direk, ready for the scene

  • Take turns with each other to do something. If your partner said, “take off your clothes”, DO IT. If you said, “play with yourself”, your partner will have to do it also. Be the boss and take charge when you’re asking your partner to do things!

The Toy Story

  • Use your matchy matchy Jellytime toys with your partner and while FaceTiming or doing video calls, play with the toys together! This will create a naughty and fun atmosphere with your partner even if you’re LDR!

Cam to Cum

  • In this sex position, act out as a cam girl or a cam boy to your partner. Wear something sexy, do a striptease, and make your partner go crazy over you! Trust us, this position is better than all of the binge-worthy shows that your partner is watching!


  • While on a sexy call with your partner, watch porn together! This can stimulate you and your partner’s sexual desires together. Moreover, you will be turned on watching your partner watching porn and pleasuring themselves. 


  • With the use of your voice and sex toys, prepare an ASMR sexy session with your partner. Pro-tip: Do your sexy breathing and sexy voice while doing the ASMR and use your toys by tapping and letting your partner know the vibrations of the toys!

Now that you have an idea on which LDR sex positions to do with your partner, apply it now and do the never done! 

LDR Sex Tips

To make your LDR video call safe and fun, here are some sexy tips!

Privacy First!

  • Revenge porn and hackers are everywhere! Remember to be careful and remember to have a rule with your partner before doing LDR Sexy Times with them! Always take your partner’s consent too if they’re comfortable doing sexy times with you while on call. 

Tease, Tease, TEASE

  • Pre-game by sexting to add spice when you’re finally calling each other! Describe everything that you feel to your partner so that you and your partner will anticipate the call more. 

Set the mood

  • Prepare the atmosphere, the props, set-up candles, everything! In short, have a list on what music will be played, what environment, what atmosphere so that you and your partner will have the perfect mood when you’re calling each other. 

Use Tripod

  • To help you with your angles, tripod is your bestie! Buy a tripod before calling your partner so they will have a full view of what’s in store for them.

Use Sex Toys

  • To heat things up, use Jellytime toys to further elevate your sexy time with your partner even if you’re LDR. Describe to your partner what you’re doing with the toys and let your partner see you playing with yourself using the Jellytime toys!


Trying out creative, fun, and naughty sex positions with your partner even if they’re miles away is a great way to strengthen the bond and the relationship for both you and him/her. Not only will it form a long and lasting relationship, but the pleasure also increases by fulfilling each sexual needs even if you’re in an LDR. Always try new things with your partner, discover each other’s kinks, and always remember to keep it safe, fun, and creative!


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