Sex Positions to Try for Adventurous Couples

I have a habit of asking people who've been married for ten years or more, "what is the secret to a happy marriage?"

Usually, you'll get a cliche answer or something profound. But, once, a man bluntly answered, "doggy-style."

I laughed at his answer, but it made me think how trying different sex positions can keep the romance alive. And studies show, adding novelty in your sex life can be a good thing.

But more than that, his answer was all about mutual satisfaction in bed. So, I suggest setting aside missionary once in a while and trying something different. Here are some sex positions I'd recommend this month:

Different Sex Positions for High Sex Drive

Here are some of the best sex positions that will surely make your early stage of relationship fondness go back.


The first time I tried this position, I thought it was impersonal not to see my partner's face. But as I got comfortable in this position, I realized this was a win-win for both.

As a woman, you can use a vibrator or touch yourself. And for man, he can penetrate you deeper. Add a mirror into the mix, and you can see each other's faces.

What is it? The woman kneels on all fours. The man is behind her and enters her vagina from behind. A man can thrust deeper and can caress a woman's body. There can be an occasional butt slap and grabbing!

Pros: Deep penetration, buttocks play, G-spot stimulation, easy use of sex toys

Reverse Cowgirl

When I started playing with vibrators, I thought it was for solo play. But adding a vibrator during sex can lead to a mind-blowing orgasm for a woman, especially during this position.

By the way, I want to debunk the myth that sex toys replace men. They are just another tool to spice up one's sex life.

In this position, a woman can play with a vibrator and caress a man's balls. Think of it as a bull-riding kinky session. For men, go ahead and grab her buttocks. Grab her hips too.

What is it? The man lies on his back, and the woman faces her partner's feet. He slips the penis into her vagina. The woman is in control here!

Pros: Buttocks and balls play, easy use of sex toys

Woman on Top or Cowgirl

For the girls that like to be in control, this position allows them to try several movements, whether one bounces up and down, moves her hips in a circular motion, or grinds up a man's penis. Then, for an added twist, the woman can squat on the man's penis for deeper penetration.

What is it? The man lies on his back, and the woman faces him, straddling his penis. The woman can sit up, lie down, and even squat.

Pros: Controlled depth of penetration, nipple stimulation, and multiple sensations

Side by Side or Sideways

This position is perfect for lazy sex in the mornings. And if you are too sleepy, trust me, you'll enjoy this. Better if the woman wraps her legs around the partner's waist.

What is it? Both lie sideways and face each other. The woman lifts her top leg and lets the man slide in with his penis.

Pros: Ability to caress each other's bodies, clitoral stimulation, eye contact, cuddling, kissing

The Magic Mountain

Think of this as a fun date night position. You can try this on a comfortable carpet or your bed. You can face each other, add in a little staring competition, and get turned on by the intensity of the eye contact.

What is it? One sits, legs bent, leaning back on their hands and forearms. The other does the same for an intimate connection.

Pros: Intimate intercourse, clitoral stimulation, and use of a vibrator

Going back to the funniest marriage advice I've ever received, sometimes, we're scared to get out of our comfort zone, similar to how I first felt about doggy-style. But, in one of The Sexytime Podcast episodes where we guested Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez, Rovilson said:

"Your incredible sex is at the edge of your comfort zone, just like anything in life."

My suggestion: Get out of your comfort zone. Try a new sex position or even add sex toys on your next date night, and let us know what happens afterward. Think about the experience. Was it mind-blowing? Was it awkward? Was it so-so?

The more you know yourself and what turns you on, the better your sex life will be. And sometimes, it just takes one new sex position to change your views on sex.

Go ahead, and send us a message on @thesexytimepodcast about your experience. And, if you have a sex position you'd like to suggest, we'd love to hear it.

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