Top 5 Adventurous Sex Spots to Try Out

Have you ever wanted to spice up your sex life? You can always try new positions and moves in the bedroom, but why not try switching up where you have sex? Whether you want a hot and dangerous quickie or an intimate and sensual sex session, we’ve got some ex places ideas for you!

Here are adventurous sex spots to try out for all types of lovemaking:

Curious to take it out of the bedroom?

Location: Your car

Have you ever wanted to have private sex in a public space? If you haven’t had car sex, you’re missing out. It’s not as hard or awkward as the movies make it seem to be!

The only problem with car sex isn’t the car itself, but finding a good parking spot to make those windows fog *wink wink* So make sure to find your ideal spot (hidden or visible, depending on what you’re into) to get freaky! Part of the whole novelty of car sex is the thrill of getting caught, after all.

Here's something you can try if you're feeling adventurous.

Location: Your balcony

Have you ever wanted to be that person seen having steamy sex through someone’s balcony? This is the perfect spot for you risque exhibitionists out there who don’t want to go all the way to another area just to have scandalous sex. The best thing about balcony sex is you can do it in the comfort of your own home, but with a little added spice (and exposure).

The bedroom isn't the only place you can play. Here's how.

Location: Public Park

Making love amidst a picturesque view is the dream - and you can make it a reality! A little hike could soon turn into a steamy lovemaking session among greenery and chirping birds. Just make sure to avoid areas with bugs and potentially dangerous plants, especially since you’ll have sex in public space. Getting down and dirty in nature is the best reward after a sweaty workout! (And you can even lose more calories after)

It’s time to get down and dirty.

Location: The Beach

Sex on the beach isn’t just a cocktail! Before you reject the idea, a sexy sesh on the beach could only be successful with the right tools!

Make sure you have a blanket or towel to avoid sand crawling in places you don’t want it to, if you get what I mean. No one wants sandy genitals. While it may be a bit risky and a bit of a hassle, you can’t deny that having sex on the beach is one of best places to have sex.

Sometimes the answer is right in front of you.

Location: In front of a mirror

Who knew that one of the freakiest spots could actually be right in front of you? Put a mirror in front of your next love making session and see what a huge difference it makes in adding a whole new level of pleasure.

This can be done in both a private and public space (dressing room, anyone?) depending on your preference.

Wet and wild.

Location: Jacuzzi or swimming pool

Who says that the pool is just for swimming? Having sex underwater allows you to explore more areas and positions because of the buoyancy. It does take a bit of effort to get used to, but once you get the hang of it, it can get real steamy! Just make sure you take the extra steps and lube up since water does not act as a replacement for lubrication.

For the voyeurs out there.

Location: The Cinema

The movie house isn’t just a place for watching films. I know, it may seem a bit risky at first, but it’s all about your own discretion and picking the right spot. This one if for all of you who prefer the lights off! It’s also fun to make it a little game with your partner and see if you can last long without making noise or getting caught. We also suggest wearing a skirt or dress too for easier access down there.

Time to dress down.

Location: The Dressing Room

Next time your partner accompanies you to go shopping, try bringing them along with you inside the fitting room! This is a great way to surprise and tease your partner – they’ll never see it coming. Getting it on behind the curtains is sexy and a great challenge for the both of you. If you’re in an enclosed dressing room, you can even take your time and indulge in foreplay and a quick striptease. The enclosed space also gives a lot of opportunities for different positions. Plus, there’s a mirror to check yourself out.

Work hard, play hard.

Location: In the office

After a long day at work, we need to destress and relieve ourselves of everything that went on in our work day. What better way to do that in your workspace? You can even roleplay with your partner in your office attire and enjoy tearing off your corporate looks. We all know the fact that it isn’t allowed makes it even more exciting.

Whether you wanna get down and dirty in an open space or in a secluded area, always remember the decision is always up to you! When exploring different spots to have sex, don’t forget to consider both you and your sexual partner’s boundaries. You can also try using sex toys for women while exploring the adventures of these sex places ideas. And for all you risqué people out there, who try these out, try your best not to get caught!

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