Best Sex Books on How to Please a Woman

“Sex pleasure in woman is a kind of a magic spell; it demands complete abandon; if words or movements opposes the magic of caresses, the spell is broken.” - Simone de Beauvoir 

A woman’s pleasure is an achievement that you have to be proud of. Once your caresses and movements to her body are fulfilled, she will not forget you, and she will always crave more.

But how do you correctly pleasure a woman sexually? Does it have an instruction? Does it have a manual or do you just have to vibe it? Fret not, guys and gals because we will help you achieve a woman’s pleasure sexually by recommending books that focus on how to sexually please a woman!

Best Books To Sexually Please A Woman

Now that we have your attention, let’s begin our book recos that can surely help you please your girlfriend or wife sexually! 

  • Come as you are 
  • Emily Nagoski, PhD

    This book has been referenced in the third season of the Netflix Series “Sex Education.” In this book, Emily Nagoski uses a toolbox full of useful metaphors and anecdotes that guys and gals can easily understand! 

    Come as You Are contains a nonjudgemental focus on a woman’s sexual pleasures and sexuality that is also backed by scientific research data. Moreover, Dr. Emily Nagoski also addresses in this book that every woman’s desires and needs are different and unique to one another – just like their fingerprints. In addition, you will open up your eyes to different factors that you may not have thought of when you’re pleasuring your girlfriend or wife.

  • She Comes First: The Thinking Man’s Guide Guide to Pleasuring a Woman 
  • Ian Kerner

    This book is the so-called “ultimate guide to women’s pleasure.” She Comes First is what every man should read for them to fully understand women’s sexual pleasures and it also has guides in doing oral sex, how to achieve women’s orgasms, and what is a female pleasure. 

    Not only will this book help men (and even women) fulfill their female partner’s needs but this book can also help them focus on how to put their partner’s needs first in the bedroom and how this will lead to a more fun and fulfilling sex life for both partners. 

  • The Ethical Slut
  • Janet W. Hardy and Dossie Easton

    Known as the bible for nonmonogamy, this book guides the reader on the skills that the reader be equipped with – be it a monogamous relationship or a nonmonogamous relationship. 

    Not only will this book understand different relationship dynamics but it can also help you gain and build fulfilling relationships should you become more open in discovering different types of relationships. 

  • Becoming Cliterate
  • Lauri Mintz, PhD

    Becoming Cliterate focuses on the clitoral simulation. This book contains many different information about the clitoris. Moreover, there is also a discussion on how different the gap is between male and female sexual pleasure! 

    This book not only helps men (and even women) on how to communicate well with their female partners but this book also shows how to pleasure a woman and how to explore other activities aside from standard penetration using research from sociology, linguistics, biology, and even sex therapy. 

  • Women’s Anatomy of Arousal: Secret Maps to Buried Pleasure
  • Sheri Winston

    Do you think you anything and everything about female pleasure? Think again, bestie! This book deep dives into female arousal and sexual pleasure like no other book has! Moreover, this book also differentiates the difference between GOOD and GREAT sex!

    This book is perfect for your if you think that you still have a lot to learn about woman anatomy.

  • Sex with Shakespeare 
  • Jillian Keenan

    Based on the author’s true-to-life story of navigating life, love, and sex, Sex with Shakespeare is a perfect read if you want some humor when it comes to writing sex-related books! 

    This book shows that whichever Shakespeare plays you watch or read, there will always be something sexual about each of the characters and that all of it is connected to sex and sexual pleasure. 

  •  Tongue Tied
  • Stella Harris

    If you and your female partner want to try experimenting with kink, this book is a perfect read for you. 

    Intimacy educator and coach Stella Harris will guide you into talking about kinks, negotiating every level of sexual desires, overcoming fears, initiating discussions, addressing frustrations, and hearing the word “no” in a good way. 

  • The Right to Sex
  • Amia Srinivasan 

    In this book, Amia Srinivasan talks about what sex means beyond the bedroom walls. 

    The Right to Sex shows Amia Srinivasan’s essays about conversations about sex and sexuality,  the difference between sexual preference and discrimination, what incel culture is all about, and the rise of second-wave anti-porn feminism. 

    If you want to fully understand the feminist movement and want to have an in-depth reflection about it, this book is the best companion for you!

  • The Big O: How to have them, Give them, and Keep them coming
  • Lou Paget

    The Big O focuses on orgasms and how to keep them coming and coming! This book written by Lou Paget demystifies questions and confusion about orgasm and debunks orgasm myths.

    But wait, there’s more! The content of The Big O also shows explicit step-by-step instructions about achieving orgasms and how to give a big orgasm to your female partner. This book is suitable for men and women so if you want to further expand your knowledge about orgasms, this book is for you. 

  • Good Sex: Getting Off Without Checking Out
  • Jessica Graham

    Sex is not always about physical connection – it transcends to an emotional one, too. In this book, Jessica Graham writes about how sex can also strengthen your connection to your female partner in a meaningful, intellectual, and even spiritual way that helps heighten your sexual pleasure. 

    Good Sex not only focuses on the physical aspect of sex but also shows the positive benefits of sex and how it can deepen your intimacy and how to have a longer-lasting pleasure. 

    This book is suitable for you if you feel like you and your partner are dealing with sexual problems, and if you want to be open-minded about other types of sexual relationships.

  • How to Talk Dirty
  • Natalie Robinson

    This book focuses on the art of dirty talking! With Natalie Robinson’s know-hows on how to talk dirty, your girl will ultimately come for ya at any given time!

  • Urban Tantra: Second Edition
  • Barbara Carellas

    Barbara Carellas’ Second Edition of Urban Tantra focuses on the spiritual side of sex. In addition, it includes various sexual techniques, comprehensive yet easy to read tips ranging from BDSM to meditation, and it has a modern take on being spiritual and zen, yet still in touch with your sexual side that can make your female partner go nuts!

  • Sex God Method
  • Daniel Rose

    Sex God Method by Daniel Rose is a must-have if you want to spice things up with your female partner! The book’s main focus is that in addition to being excellent in bed using different sexual techniques, great sex also comes with a healthy mental aspect.


    Educating yourself so that you can pleasure your female partner more sexually is a good thing, there’s nothing to be shy about. It is a good thing because you are eager to learn, you want what’s best for your partner sexually, and you are open to having a discussion or conversation about sexual topics with your partner. 

    Just remember, have fun, take all your learnings in, and apply it to your partner! We’re pretty sure that your relationship will deepen and she’ll keep coming more and more. 


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