‘Tis the Season to be Naughty: Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

It’s the season of giving and who wouldn’t like a little naughty surprise? Whether you’re looking to find a gift for your best friend or significant other, we’ve got some spicy recommendations for you to wow your loved ones this holiday season! Here are some budget-friendly and out-of-the-box gifts and naughty gift ideas to get into the holiday spirit.

Sex Shop in the Philippines Guide to Something Naughty Gift Ideas this Holiday

Looking for last-minute gift ideas for your special someone or even for yourself? ‘Tis the season to be naughty! Here’s a list of something naughty gift ideas this holiday from Jellytime, your trusted sex shop in the Philippines.

1. Lingerie

Who doesn’t love feeling sexy? Lingerie is a perfect gift for your significant other or friend. It’s the perfect gift that can evoke surprise and delight within your loved one and will surely make them feel confident and fearless!

There are many unique styles to choose from, ranging from lacy thong sets and silky bralettes for your girlfriends or cheeky boxer briefs for your man.

If you plan to buy this for your special someone, it’s a thoughtful and sultry way to tell them what you think they would look sexy in. You can even shop together with them to gauge what style they would feel most comfortable in.

This gift wins in practicality too since it can be worn both inside and outside the bedroom. If you’re not sure about sizing, you can always get them a gift certificate as well so they can enjoy lingerie shopping on their own!

2. A sex toy

There’s nothing better than the gift of pleasure! And what better way to give that than gifting a sex toy? You can give your friends their very own pleasure companion that they can use alone or with their partner.

The gift of pleasure set is the perfect holiday gift and it contains everything you need for a fun time! This holiday special Jellytime set includes 1 Sex Pleasure Toy of your choice (Bobble, Chinchilla, or Deuce), 1 50mL Jellytime Natural Personal Lubricant, a cute velvet pouch for storage, and 1 postcard for a personalized note!

Sex toys are a fantastic way to introduce your loved ones to pleasure and a whole new level of vibrations. Trust me, they’ll thank you later.

3. A dirty game

This one could particularly be enjoyed by your partner or friends in a relationship who likes to add a little more fun to their sex life.

You can get them a card game of dirty truth or dare, racy sex dice, a “ring for sex” bell, or even DIY your own dirty game for a personalized touch!

Dirty games are the perfect avenue to spice things up by adding some exploration and dirty challenges to keep you up all night! You could even make things even naughtier by adding a BDSM kit with blindfolds and handcuffs depending on what your friends and/or partner may be into.

4. Lube

If your friends are going to be enjoying your sexy gifts, you can’t forget to add lube to the mix! They’ll need lubrication as they get cozy this holiday season (and perhaps all year).

The Jellytime lube is the perfect water-based personal lubricant to give to your friends, family, and significant other! You can purchase it by piece or in a trio bundle if you wanna stock up or gift multiple people. It’s also one of the most affordable naughty gift ideas to get your monito or monita! Check out lubricant gel prices in the Philippines in our sex lube collection.

It’s the perfect pair for sex toys and condoms. Not only that, but it's versatile and fun for all genders! It serves as an effective lubricant and has skin benefits that help enhance your body's natural moisture.

5. Scented candles

This one is a little more subtle for those who want to help their friends get in the mood or create a sexy ambiance within their homes. You can give personalized candles to your loved ones with sexy and sultry scents, good for when they want to get in the mood or have some quality me-time.

Some examples of popular scents in the bedroom are rose, jasmine, and vanilla—known to increase sexual desire (proven by studies!), enhance sexual satisfaction and relax the body before intimacy.

If you want to make your scented candles even more special for your loved ones, we recommend making your own personalized scents and putting a special dedication on the candle!

6. Sex pillow

We’re ending this recommendations list with a bang! Did you know that sex pillows actually work to enhance pleasure?

According to Dr. Fleming, “Wedge pillows, ramps, and mounts are all positioning aids that are designed to make sex more comfortable and more pleasurable by providing support and positioning for different parts of our bodies.”

This would especially be a hit for couples who have height differences and love the missionary. Sex pillows allow our bodies to angle themselves in the best way for maximized pleasure and provide more access to oral sex. It’s important to note that sex pillows are also like sex toys, so you’re going to have to explore your options and see what works for you best!

So, what are you waiting for? Spread the love and surprise someone with these naughty gift ideas. You can also check out Jellytime’s naughty pleasure toys and personal lubricant Gift Sets and get discreet nationwide shipping from your trusted sex shop in the Philippines! Find us also at Shopee and Lazada.

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