LDR Sexy Time Gifts

It’s no secret that intimacy is one of the secret recipes for a healthy relationship and it sucks if you’re far away from your special someone. 

Maintaining a sexual relationship with someone far away from you is difficult but all thanks to modern technology and sexy time products, the ancient saying that “Sexy time knows no distance” will always come to life!


Best LDR Sex Gifts

Want to spice up your LDR by giving unique and sexy gifts? This list is for you! 

This is your trusted pleasure friend that emulates oral sex. Just like the saying “Small but terrible” goes, this pleasure companion of yours brings waves of sensations that can result in intense orgasms!

Best Feature:

Bean is designed to stimulate the clitoris, nipples, and other erogenous zones in your body, delivering rhythmic air pulses. With its 5 intensity modes, you’ll feel your orgasm has reached new heights!


My favorite! It’s small but terrible 🙂The pleasure is something else, especially for a beginner. I give this a perfect 10.” - M.G.

  • Travel Sex Kit

  • Excited to see your S.O. after how many months or years? Give him or her a travel sex kit so that they are prepared when you both meet each other!

  • Sexy Truth or Dare

  • This Sexy Truth or Dare game is perfect to give to your LDR S.O.! You can play this game while having a sexy video call with each other by answering the raunchy questions or by doing the sensual dares!

  • Chinchilla Vibrator

  • Chinchilla is your cutest pleasure friend that looks like a kid’s toy! This toy is also best for someone who wants to try using toys because its ears target the pleasure spots such as the clitoris, nipple, and perineum area!

    Best Feature:

    This toy has 7 different vibration frequencies that are made for a pleasurable experience. Moreover, the round shape gives you a perfect grip while you play with it. 


    “I love my Chinchilla, it can let me go three times in a row in just 10 minutes. I mean, paano right?” - M. 

  • Foreplay Dice

  • This can be a fun way to spice up your normal daily video call with your partner. With this foreplay dice, you can get creative – for example – if the command is “massage thigh”, you can massage your thigh while your partner is watching you on the screen! When you’re finally reunited with your S.O., you can bring this Foreplay Dice and play with each other’s body. *winks*

  • Deuce

  • With its two-part body, prepare for double the fun!  Jellytime’s Deuce is perfect for clitoral and vaginal stimulation that happens simultaneously. 

    Best Feature:

    Deuce’s double motors and 10 different vibrations, it’s best for someone who loves blended orgasms!

    Review Quote:

    “Wow, this toy is something else. It feels even better than it looks hahaha my partner agrees! 10/10!” - S.M.

    Give your S.O. some sex gummies while you’re apart from each other! These gummies contain natural and organic ingredients known to increase energy, and stamina, improve concentration, and sexual desire! Send these to your partner and wait for the results of these gummies to kick in!

  • Lingerie and Intimate Apparel

  • Surprise your partner by giving them lingerie and intimate apparel for them to wear while you’re having a virtual date night. You can carefully curate the lingerie and intimate apparel that you want to give to your partner based on her personality and interests!

  • Bobble Vibrator

  • The Bobble is your pleasure companion that suits first-timers in trying sex toys. Its short stem and bobble-head are easy to hold while you’re playing with yourself and its compact size so you can bring it anywhere!

    Best Feature:

    It comes with 10 different vibrations and frequencies so expect to have out-of-this-world orgasms.



    “This is one of the best toys I have ever had. Ideal for women who love clit stimulation. It may look small, but omg... don't underestimate the size. It's very powerful. So powerful indeed that it made me squirt. I hope it's not TMI. But jellytime, ty so so much! Who needs a partner when you have the Bobble, right?!?!?!” - L.

  • DIY Love Coupons

  • Get creative by sending your partner Do-It-Yourself Love Coupons that you created! You may use it during your virtual date night or you will use it when you see each other! Some DIY Love Coupons can include virtual or online tasks such as sending sexts or it can include face-to-face requests such as giving sensual massage and doing a striptease.

  • Virtual Sex Workshops and Classes

  • You can enroll you and your partner in virtual sex workshops and classes to further strengthen your relationship! These classes and workshops can help your relationship discover new aspects of your sexuality and grow as a couple. 

  • Erotic Films and Literature

  • Send your S.O. your favorite erotic films and literature and give them an idea of what you will do to them after they watch the films or read the books. Sending your fave erotic films and literature will make them crave you more! 


    Keeping your long-distance relationship sexually healthy is a must to keep your relationship happy and growing. Don’t be afraid to send naughty and sexy gifts only for them because they will appreciate you more and they will know that they are always in your thoughts (and in your panties or briefs. *winks*)






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