It’s a Guy thing: What Guys want in an LDR

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“Distance means so little when you mean so much to me.”

According to a 2013 study from Cornell University and the City University of Hong Kong,  long-distance relationships add spice to LDR couples and their intimacy is higher than in some relationships. And for guys, gone are the days when they don’t know what they want from a long-distance relationship. This generation of men (well…a majority of them) is now more sensitive towards their partner’s feelings, communicates well, and is hyper-focused in making their LDR work. 

What Do Guys Want in a Long-Distance Relationship? 

But seriously tho, what do guys want in a Long-Distance Relationship? Is it the chase? Is it that they are more challenged because their partner is away from them? Or is it because no one wants them that are nearer to them (ouch! Just joking)? Whatever the reasons are, we all know for a fact that these listed reasons are the main reasons why bros want gals (and gays) in a long-distance relationship!

  • Emotional Support
  • Emotional Support in LDR is important to guys because they want to feel loved and supported in whatever feats, achievements, and problems that are solved that they accomplished. Even if you are far away from your man, be present when you’re doing facetime or video calling. Make them feel validated, encourage them to be the best version of themselves, and provide assurance when they are feeling down or beaten up badly by life. Showing empathy and making time for them to listen to everything that they are sharing, your man will feel treasured, cherished, and loved by you!

  • Assurance
  • By giving assurance to your man, he will feel that you are serious in your LDR. It takes time, practice, and patience on both sides but the mere fact that you are trying your best to assure him that your relationship will work no matter how far the distance is, he will feel that your relationship is worth keeping and worth fighting for. 

  • Loyalty and Trust
  • Men always want a loyal partner and someone that is trustworthy. Trust is a big word and a big action. Meaning, that you must do what you say: being loyal and trustworthy. If you failed to be loyal or trustworthy, say goodbye to your relationship because just like what the oldies say, “the damage has been done.”

    In this day and age, it’s hard to find someone loyal and trustworthy in a long-distance relationship. And for us, we deserve the loyalty and trustworthiness that you and your man deserve.

  • Excitement / Sexual Excitement
  • To keep your LDR exciting and spicy and H-O-T, try to have an intimate date with them while calling via facetime or video call. You can also have video sex while calling him to get him more interested and excited about your relationship, you can send a naughty surprise care package to his home, and you can even send sexy and flirty messages to him while he’s busy working just to make him feel that he is wanted, you can’t get enough of him, and that you can’t wait to see him face to face!

  • Good Communication
  • Most LDR couples break up because of the lack of effective communication. Even if you and your man are miles and oceans away, make him feel that you are always available when he wants to communicate and talk to you. When he feels that you always have time for them, your man will share his fears, doubts, and everything that has been bothering him, and in return, he will do the same to you. 

    Remember, prioritize your communication with him and that communication is key to a healthy and respectful LDR. 

  • Give him space/personal time
  • If your man is busy playing sports, doing hobbies, making time with their friends at a pub, or just hanging out with his bros, don’t bombard him with calls and messages because he will get suffocated. When you give him enough space for his “Me Time,” he will feel that you respect his time and that he will feel that he can thrive and grow with you. 

  • Don’t pressure him
  • Don’t make him feel pressured about the milestones of your relationship with him. When you want to share some anecdotes and memories between the two of you, focus on the past and present. Guys feel pressured when you mention something about the future and they will tend to overthink everything, so just be chill and let your relationship go with the flow with you and your man’s vibes. 

    What Makes a Guy Stay in a Long-Distance Relationship?

    If your man feels like you’re the one, he will surely stay in the relationship because he knows you’re worth it. He will do great lengths just to be with you and he will stick to you, for better or worse, through thick or thin, and through every aspect of your life. 

    The Ultimate Objective of a Long-Distance Relationship

    Aside from great communication, trust, and everything that is here on the list, the ultimate objective of a guy in an LDR is to move in together and hopefully, get married to someone who was there and loved them when they were far away from each other. 

    Remember gals and gays, men who are into LDR are in it for the long haul and are serious with you in the long term.


    If you can give your man the love, support, and assurance that he needs and wants when you’re in LDR, we are confidently sure that he will treat you well and that you’ll have the best relationship that he can offer. 

    In making your LDR fun – especially for your guy, take note of things that your man might want and need from you and work on how you can give the love he deserves from you. 


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