It’s 2022, Female Masturbation Is No Longer A Taboo

Gone were the days when the practice of feminine masturbation is considered explicit and obscene. With the depiction of sex-positive women in mainstream media - be it in films, music, or TV series - the presence of sex toys designed for the feminine audience can somehow affirm that female masturbation is no longer a taboo. However, even though women have come a long way from those days of shame and guilt about self-stimulating activities, there is still a lack of talk and conversation around it, and many women are still missing out on sexual self-pleasure compared to men. Let me put it this way - there's plenty of jacking off and not enough jilling off. Wink.

In ancient history, women's sexuality served only two purposes: to reproduce and provide pleasure for men. For some cultures, this may still be a dragging thing up to today. Therefore, women in those societies may feel that doing something solely for their pleasure is the height of selfishness. If you know a woman who might still be under that impression, be a girl's girl and share this article with them.

Aside from the health benefits linked to self-pleasuring, there are plenty of reasons to do it yourself (not that you need one, sometimes it can be fun to do it just because). Let's take a look at some below!

3 Reasons Why You Should Start Masturbating

For general sexual satisfaction

Achieving the Big O as a woman may be a struggle even after you've learned about the birds and the bees. There is no one size fits all guide on how to climax as our sexual preferences differ from one another. Fortunately, masturbation can teach you about what arouses you, as well as your range of orgasmic responses. Knowing this information can contribute to the intensity of your orgasm and your sexual satisfaction in general.

To learn more about your body

Women are most likely to enjoy pleasuring herself without guilt or shame if they feel positive about their body. One way to feel good about your body is to learn more about it, what it wants and what it doesn't. This awareness can help you feel more sexually empowered and confident, and it also deepens your relationship and intimacy with yourself.

A good substitute for partner sex

Well, ladies, if we are being honest and straightforward here, having a partner is not a reliable assurance that we will achieve the Big O. On top of that, there is also this whole preparation process involved when being intimate with someone. What with shaving, meeting up, doing the small talk. Sometimes we just want a quick release, and masturbation can be an easy and pleasurable fix for that.

If those reasons still do not motivate you to explore your womanhood, then you should take a look at the health benefits that masturbation can offer.

  • An orgasm is the best non-drug blast of dopamine. In other words, doing some self-love will leave you feeling euphoric, you can thank your hormones for that. It may also help you sleep better, as your orgasm releases melatonin that controls your sleep cycle and oxytocin that calms your mind. All these natural chemicals are the perfect combination for a healthy and deep sleep!
  • It improves your sex life. By masturbating, you get to discover things that arouse you, which then you can share with your partner. The more aware you are of what works for your body, the more you can communicate that to your partner in specific ways. There's no more "Ow! No stop that!" when you know your preferred motion and pressure.
  • It is a means of safe sex. You can do it with your fingers or with the help of some toys. There are available sex toys for women and beginners such as the Bobble Personal Vibrator and Chincilla Personal Vibrator. Both Pleasure Toys come in cute design and discreet packaging which make them less intimidating. No partner, no unintended pregnancies, no risk of STIs, no problem!

If you still can't get past the idea of showing yourself some sexual self-love, you can learn it slowly by telling yourself that masturbating is good and healthy for you. It is not a sign of the inability of your partner to meet your needs as it is not about them. It is about you. So, have them, give them and keep them coming.


By Coco Eje

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