Bi The Way: Best Dating Apps for Bisexuals

Dating here in the Philippines especially if you’re a member of the LGBTQIA+ community is very complicated and complex. Take it from me, a queer womxn who have to meet and date people only to find out that they’re dating someone I know! 

But enough about me besties! We’re talking about YOU – a bisexual guy or gal who’s having a hard time dating or trying to find a relationship, in this day and age. All thanks to technology,  you will find many options and many dating apps to choose from to find your true love. 


What Makes Bisexual Apps Different?

Bisexual dating apps are different because these apps weed out the assholes on dating apps (i.e. Them finding out you’re bi and thinking that you’re hypersexual or people finding out that you’re bi and then invalidating your sexuality). 

Bisexual dating apps can also be your safe space, for meeting other bisexual people and talking about your similarities and challenges as bisexuals. In addition, bisexual dating apps are different because you will find support systems that can help you navigate bisexual and/or queer dating without being judged or without feeling that they are erasing bisexuality in the LGBTQIA+ community. 


Best Dating Apps for Bisexuals

If you’re new to the bisexual dating scene, fret not, besties! We’re here to help! Here are the best dating apps for bisexual men and women!


For Bisexual Guys

  • Grindr

  • This won’t be a bisexual dating app list if there’s no Grindr – the most iconic dating app for bisexual guys and even guys from the LGBTQIA+ spectrum! 

    Grindr is a hookup app but guys also have found their “forever” in this app. This app is popular for guys in the Philippines because you can change your geolocation to meet other guys nearby. 

  • Wapo

  • Wapo is somewhat “new” in the PH but with its unlimited chat features, you won’t have to transfer to other messaging apps if you like who you’re talking to! This app is made for gay, bisexual, bi-curious, and trans men.

  • Blued

  • Blued is a social media and dating app made for men. It’s one of the largest dating apps in the PH made for gay, bisexual, bi-curious, and trans men to connect. You can also send texts, videos, and photos (even disappearing ones) and you can even do video calls with this dating app!

  • Scruff

  • This dating app for gay, bisexual, and trans men has fun features such as live queer quiz shows! This app also has 3 various categories namely: Scruff Match for dating purposes, Scruff Travel for LGBTQIA+ shows, events, or festivals near you, and Scruff Venture for meeting new travel companions and planning your trip with each other. 

    For Bisexual Gals

  • Her 

  • I tried this app as a queer womxn and this app did not disappoint! The Her dating app is built for lesbian, bisexual, and queer women who love to meet new people to date or to hang out with. The features of this dating app are: that you can share messages, events, latest happenings in the LGBTQIA+ scene! 

  • Lex

  • This app has fun features such as retro and aesthetic newspaper personal ads that emphasize the language that we use for ourselves and for the relationships that we want to have instead of our physical appearance. 

  • Fem

  • If you’re a lesbian, bisexual, or queer woman who loves TikTok, this dating app is for you! Fem focuses on videos and group chats. If you’re uncomfy taking videos, still photos are fine. And remember, this app is not just for femmes. 


    For ALL the Bisexuals

  • Tinder

  • This is the OG dating app for us millennials at millennials-at-heart! Tinder changed the dating scene when it first rolled out in 2012. 

    This app is easy to use. Just upload your best photos, create an interesting bio, swipe right to everyone you like and if it’s a match, then you can message your match! 

  • Bumble 

  • Created by Whitney Herd, this app is just like Tinder but with a progressive approach – Women will have to message first the ones they have a match with within 24 hours. 

    Bumble is not exclusive to cishet people! You can change your sexuality on your profile and you can filter the dating features so it will narrow down to the ones you truly like. 

  • OkCupid

  • Started as an online dating website in 2007, it branched out into a full-blown dating app. OkCupid is somewhat of a dating and hookup app where you can answer questionnaires about your personality and preferences to really match you with a suitable partner. 


  • Match is somewhat not famous in the Philippines compared to other dating apps but it doesn’t hurt to try this app. You’ll just create a free account, specify what type of person you’re seeking, and voila! Everything’s all set! The exciting part about creating an account on is that you will be screened or you will be asked questions to help your potential match know anything about you and you can upload up to 26 photos of your choice! 

  • Bindr

  • Bindr is designed for Bisexuals! This app is not only a dating app but also helps the community and partners with local organizations because they believe that dating is beyond dating – you should also help the community and other LGBTQIA+ organizations. In addition, this app is open for polyamorous dating and couple-friendly dating which is still a new idea or conversation here in the PH!

    Now that you have an idea about different Bisexual Dating Apps, go forth and flirt responsibly! *winks*


    Safety Tips To Bi Dating

    Congrats! You’re about to create your profile on dating apps! We care about you so here are some safety tips to ensure that you have a safe and fun dating apps experience:

    Protect Personal Information

    Avoid sharing sensitive details such as credit cards, addresses, or phone numbers in your profile or in early conversations. Share this personal information if you feel that you’re comfortable and you trust the person before disclosing such information.

    Use a Unique Profile

    Create a different email or create a unique username that will not reveal your full name in the dating app. Remember, ALWAYS BE CAUTIOUS about whatever you share online!

    Verify Profiles

    In order to not get catfished, always verify profiles or better, swipe right to profiles that are verified. 

    Meet in Public

    Never ever meet in private especially if it’s your first time to meet each other. Meet in public places such as cafes, restaurants, or malls. 

    Trust Your Instincts

    If you feel that something’s icky or not right, don’t hesitate to end the conversation or the date itself. Always believe in your instincts because it always saves you from danger. 

    Limit Alcohol Consumption

    Don’t drink alcohol too much on your first date to avoid unfortunate things happening. Also, check the alcohol or the drinks that your date is getting if it’s spiked with drugs.

    Drive Yourself or Use Public Transportation

    Avoid getting into the car of your date especially if it’s the first time that you’re meeting. It’s better to be safe! Drive yourself to the date place or use public transportation. 

    Inform Your Loved Ones

    You can share your date’s details such as the name, the place where you’ll meet, and your date’s profile with your friends or your loved ones. Always check in with your friends or loved ones before, during, and after the date so they’ll know you’re safe. 

    Report Suspicious Behaviors

    If you feel harassed or creeped out by the ones you’re talking to in dating apps, feel free to report their profile because remember, dating apps are supposed to be our safe space also. 

    Take Your Time and Enjoy

    Never pressure yourself to do things that you’re uncomfortable doing. Take your time to get to know the person and don’t rush into a relationship! Unique and genuine conversations do not happen overnight so take your time and enjoy getting to know the person you’ll date!

    These tips can enhance safety but it’s not always foolproof. Always, ALWAYS be vigilant and observant in dating apps and even when you’re meeting your date, and always prioritize your safety, okay?


    Bisexual dating is fun, and exciting, and you’ll discover yourself a lot more! Just always remember to practice and prioritize your safety, especially in dating apps so that you won’t get hurt. Remember to enjoy and don’t pressure yourself in the bisexual dating world because you will find the love of your life no matter where you find them!


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