If The Ride is Rough, You Gotta Lube it Up

Disclaimer: This is the product of the author's collective experiences from trying out different lubes and her personal research of scientifically based and peer-reviewed studies. That said, everyone's body is unique and may not respond to the products the same way. On the whole, though, lubes are a recommendation based on professional suggestions, personal experiences, and research.

If there is one sex accessory that many of us have been sleeping on all this time, it would be undisputedly the lubricant. Using lube has been long recommended by professionals both to men and women, yet strikingly, there is still doubt regarding that smooth, slippery goodness. The general misconception is that using lube is not necessary. On top of that, there is stigma and shame attached to using it because people associate it with getting old and being dry down there. That should not be the case, though. Everyone should be using lube. Yes, everyone. Including you. And if you are still skeptical about how lube can change the game in the bedroom, find out below!

How does lube immediately improve sex?

Less friction

Studies have shown that using lube during sexual activity alone or with a partner contributed to higher ratings of pleasurable and satisfying sex. Using lube means less friction, which means a heightened physical sensation, which ultimately means more fun! 

Added moisture

Even though a vagina can naturally produce lubrication, the amount can vary according to her menstrual cycle, stress levels, health status, and medications. Using lube will ensure that these factors won't get in the way of you having fun in bed!

It can open you up to new adventures!

Lube is ideal to use in the anal region as it doesn't provide adequate natural lubrication, unlike a vagina or a penis.  Applying lube liberally to this area can have a relaxing effect and might open you to new adventures as you've never had before!

It makes sex safer

Injuries and infections are unfortunately a common occurrence after having intercourse. The good thing is that lube helps in avoiding tears. It also makes it less likely that condoms will break or fall off, therefore increasing your protection against STIs, including HIV.

However, it is important to note that not all lube is equally made. Most lubricants available in convenience store counters and local pharmacies are full of cheap, foreign ingredients that don't belong anywhere near your genitals, let alone inside of them. So be careful of the lubricant that you pick up. When it comes to sexual wellness, you should always invest in high-quality products. Just like the Natural Water-based Lubricant of Jellytime - our lube essentially has the most natural formulation available in the market today! On top of that, our product is encased in chic packaging that belongs to your bedside table, not stashed in a sock drawer.

Now go on! The secret's out. Better sex is just a squeeze away.


By Coco Eje

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