10 Songs to Touch Yourself To (Masturbation Playlist)

Someone recently sent John Legend's song "Honey" to me. And I was surprised with the lyrics.

Honey, honey, honey, honey dripping down
Oh, baby
Honey, honey, honey, honey dripping down
You're sweet (honey, honey, honey, honey dripping down)
Like honey
You're sweet (honey, honey, honey, honey dripping down)
Oh, baby

It made me think of how some songs exude sex. I asked the Jellytime team about their favorite songs to masturbate to. And here are the songs on our playlist:

1. Oops (Oh My)
Missy Elliott (2002)

No other song tops the list than this song by Missy Elliott. So if you're after a session of touching and caressing, hit play on this song. You'll be surely out of breath.

2. Feeling Myself
Nicki Minaj ft Beyonce (2014)

If you want a powerful beat, this could be the song with its repeated lyrics, "I'm feeling myself." Beyonce also makes anyone feel like a strong independent woman. So, go ahead and bring yourself to climax.

3. Touch of My Hand
Britney Spears (2003)

No one will ever forget when Britney compared orgasm to sneezing and chocolate, "….both have orgasmic feelings to them," Spears said. "'Cause when I sneeze, I'm like, 'A-choo!' It feels so good. When I eat chocolate, I have the same kind of feeling." Yes, we get you, Britney.

4. Nasty Naughty Boy
Christina Aguilera (2006)

That intro is enough to get you in the mood. This song wants you to take your time down there and enjoy yourself to this tune until you are hot, bothered, and wet.

5. Peaches & Cream
112 (2001)

This song is an old classic, but "peaches and cream" can turn anyone on. There's a reason why the peaches emoji has another meaning, which is perfect for sexting.

6. 7 Days
Craig David (2000)

Whoever made this music video knew how to turn on millions of people. Just imagine the idea of making love every day for seven days straight. What a fantasy.

7. Untitled (How Does It Feel)
D'Angelo (2006 )

There's something about D'Angelo's music that just triumphs any sexy playlist. But this one tops the list as a must. Perhaps, it's the question, "How does it feel?" or him naked in this music video.

A friend of mine joked that many people would've had sex with D'Angelo's music in the background. Which artist would that be for you?

8. Adorn
Miguel ( 2012)

Listen to the lyrics, "These lips can't wait to taste your skin, baby." Enough said. And who doesn't want to be adorned?

9. Señorita
Justin Timberlake (2002)

This song will make you feel extra sexy. And it doesn't hurt that Pharrell is in this music video. This tune will make you move your hips to climax.

10. Whoa
Snoh Aalegra (2019 )

Snoh Aalegra's voice will make you feel very sensual. So light up a candle and go for it.


Touching yourself is an activity that lets you explore yourself and practice a bit of self-love. I've always believed that making yourself feel good is incredibly fun. You can listen more on female masturbation in The Sexytime Podcast's episode with Killa Kush. 

When it comes to music, there's something about having the perfect song that makes one's nerve endings extra sensitive. And being aroused is just so much easier.

There have actually been studies that show the effect of music on feelings of intimacy and desire. The ones who were exposed to music with sexual lyrics reported higher levels of desire and intimate behavior compared to those who listened to non-sexual music.

Just think of it like running or doing any activity. Some people swear by creating a playlist to make the experience better.

The same goes for your next masturbation session. Let our playlist enhance the sexual experience, like lighting a candle or whatever you do to get in the mood.

What songs do you think fit in this list? Tell us! If you're inspired to play with yourself, pick a song above and combine it with Jellytime's pleasure toys. Don't worry, you get discreet nationwide shipping from your trusted sex shop in the Philippines. Find us also at Shopee and Lazada.

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