Why You Need To Try Audioporn with Caroline Spiegel, founder and CEO of Quinn S4 EP10

"Your pleasure is your responsibility." -Caroline Spiegel
Caroline Spiegel is the founder and CEO of Quinn, an app that will make you try out audio erotica. Quinn audios are romantic novels condensed into 15 to 20-minute clips, allowing its 300,000 users to choose from a curated set of voices. It’s also a great place to upgrade your dirty talking skills In this episode, we talk about:
2:36 Her origin story
7:15 Our love for accents
9:43 How audio erotica works
14:37 How Quinn can help you improve your dirty talking skills
and have hot conversations
20:33 Her sex education
Free one month trial: https://www.tryquinn.com/ Sign up on the website to use the code 'PLEASURE' And then you can log in on the app.
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