Unique Gifts that Your Girlfriend Will Love

Christmas season is here and here’s our million peso question: Do you already have a gift for your girlfriend that she will certainly love? Sure you can answer quality time as a gift for your GF but your GF will surely appreciate it if you give thought and time to find a perfect and unique gift for her!

If you’re having difficulty finding the perfect gift for your GF that she’ll surely love, allow us to help you! Here are some of the BEST and UNIQUE gifts for your special someone!

What Makes a UNIQUE Gift for a Girlfriend?

Your Girlfriend deserves the world. That’s why it’s up to you to give her the gift that she will love and will always be memorable to her. 

What makes a unique gift for a girlfriend? It doesn’t have to be pricey to tell your gift is unique! If your gift is well thought out, fun, and something helpful for your girlfriend, that makes the gift unique! 

Still having a hard time? Here’s a pro tip, guys and gals! Connect your give to your love story, her personality, and something that she will never forget!

Unique Gift Ideas 101

Here are some unique gift ideas that you can give to her!

  • 100 Date Ideas Scratch Off Poster 

  • Not only this will be a gift for her but this is also a gift for you! This ready-to-hang poster gives you date ideas that you and your GF can use the whole year round. Step outside your comfort zone and find out more about your GF with this gift!

  • I Wrote About You

  • Let her feel loved and write all the reasons you love and why she’s special to you with this fill-in-the-blanks prompt book! Promise, this will strengthen your relationship with her and you’ll get to know her more.

  • Jellytime Sex Toys and Lube

  • If you want to discover you and your GF’s sexual side, Jellytime is your bestie! With our lube and toys, your sexy time with your GF will never be the same again!

  • Personalized Lab Custom Leather Jewelry Box

  • Be an artisan with this gift! Customize the jewelry box with her name and her favorite flower and voila, she will love this jewelry box! Plus points if you put a ring or a necklace inside the box.

  • Weighted Blanket

  • If your GF is clingy AF and wants to be hugged and cuddled all the time, this weighted blanket is a perfect gift for her. With this gift, her sleep will improve in no time and she will feel relaxed!

  • Lamp Candle Warmer

  • If your GF is into candles and home essentials, this is a perfect gift for her! This Lamp candle warmer warms the candle without lighting it! Not only will she enjoy the candle and the scents of the candle, but she will be worrying less about the smoke or if she accidentally forgot to put them out. 

  • Pickleball Paddle Set

  • This gift is perfect for your GF if she’s into sports or wants to try a new sport! Since Pickleball is starting to make waves here in the Philippines, why not give her this Pickleball Paddle Set and have a Pickleball Date?

  • The Nori Press

  • If you’re looking for a gift for your fashionista and always on-the-go girlfriend, this steamer/iron is a must for her. The Nori Press is a compact and easy-to-use steamer and iron all rolled into one! This game-changer appliance is perfect if she wants to slay her looks wrinkle-free.

  • A Pair of Sunnies Glasses

  • If she’s into glasses, a pair of Sunnies glasses is perfect for her! 

    1. Buy as many sunnies as you want so that she will have choices for her favorite glasses.

  • Engraved Ring

  • This minimalist ring is the perfect gift for your GF who loves accessories. This Mejuri Signet ring can be engraved for free with her initials or your initials so she won’t forget about you!

  • Lisa Frank Phone Case

  • Is your girl still stuck in the 90s and loves all things colorful and Lisa Frank-ish? This phone case is for her! With this Lisa Frank phone case, she will enjoy all the designs and colors that showcase the whimsical and fun era of the 90s.

  • Wordles: The Party Game

  • If your GF always plays Wordle through her phone, this board game is for her! Challenge her with this game and see for yourself who is the better wordsmith in the relationship!

  • An 8-in-1 Pan

  • Does she love to cook? This 8-in-1 pan is perfect for her! Not only does it have a minimalist design but it can also be all kinds of pan features that your GF will love! 

  • AirPods 

  • If she loves to listen to music while working or while she’s working out, why not give her an AirPods? These noise-cancelling earbuds are perfect for her especially if she wants her environment to be quiet and serene while working or whatever she’s doing. 

  • A Dozen Reasons I Love You

  • Get ready for an emotional day or night with your GF when she receives this gift and reads all your entries as to why you love her! 

  • Pressed Flower Necklace

  • This gift is romantic without being too overly romantic! Find your GF’s favorite flower and give her this necklace so that she will always remember that you know how much she loves those flowers.

  • Pajama Set

  • This comfy Pajama Set is perfect for you and your GF’s slumber party!

  • Vanity Mirror

  • If she’s into make-up and skincare, this vanity mirror is the perfect companion for her! Not only does it fold but it also provides light in every perspective of her face!

  • Hand Warmer

  • This adorable stuffed toy friend can also be a hand warmer! With its cute design, your GF will always put her hands on the warmer when she’s feeling cold (especially if you’re not beside her).

  • Our Moments Card Game

  • If both of you want to rewind and remember all of the experiences and challenges you had as a couple, this is a perfect gift for her. Not only will you discover something new about your GF but she will also be grateful that you take the time to ask her questions — silly and serious questions. 

  • Multi-tasking Lap Desk with Memory Foam

  • If she’s working from home and loves to work in the comforts of her bed, this gift is for her! This lap desk is super comfy with its foam and it also has a phone stand so that she will not have a hard time reading emails and texts!

  • Affirmation Cards

  • There’s something about words of affirmation that can make someone feel special. With this gift, your GF will feel her Bad B*tch Energy and this gift will remind herself that she’s a confident, fierce, lady that takes no sh*t from other people!

  • Bath Soak Set

  • If she loves tub time, this Bath Soak Set is perfect for her! This gift will help her relax, detox, and sleep better.


    Grow and Make Hot Sauce-Making Kit

    If she wants to channel her inner The Bear or Gordon Ramsay self, this gift is for her! This gift can also be a great date night activity that both of you can do.

  • Massager

  • For someone who has an active girlfriend, this can be a perfect gift for her. This massage gun will help her body to recover from body aches!

  • Disney Journal

  • If she loves to write stuff and share her inner thoughts every day, this Disney Journal will be helpful. Not only will she write awesome ideas, but when the year ends, you can both look back on what she had written in this journal.

  • Coffee Decorating Set

  • If she’s a caffeine addict and wants to start decorating or customizing her coffee creations, this is for her! Show your support by gifting her this set that includes powder makers and stencils! 

  • Masterclass Gift Card

  • She wants to try and learn something new this 2024? We got you! Give her this Masterclass Gift Card and choose which class will she be interested in doing this new year! 

  • Disney+ Subscription

  • Relive childhood memories with her by giving her Disney+ Subscription! Not only will she enjoy it but you both will also have a great time reminiscing Disney classics!

  • Yoga Mat

  • If she wants to have a “zen” mode and wants to nama-STAY away from stress this 2024, maybe you can give her a yoga mat and accompany her while she’s doing yoga and basic workouts. 

  • Sunnies Face Makeup

  • If your GF loves makeup, give her Sunnies Face Makeup! With many palettes to choose from, we are pretty sure your GF will slay whatever look she will try!

  • Bluetooth Speaker

  • If she’s the life of the party, maybe try gifting her with a Bluetooth Speaker! This is perfect if you have house parties or even when you’re chilling with each other. 

  • Backpack 

  • She’s a traveling wanderlust? Well, this backpack is THE gift for her! This backpack has many functions perfect for your GF that are always out of the country or out of town.

  • Knit Kit

  • If she wants to try a new hobby, why not give her a Knit Kit? Not only will she enjoy knitting but you will also get to wear Christmas Sweaters that she created! 

  • Matcha Kit

  • She wants a relaxed drink that has no caffeine? This gift is for her! With this Matcha Kit, you can be partners in doing matcha the way she wants to do it! 

  • Rainbow Maker

  • If your girl loves trinkets that are colorful and fun to look at, this Rainbow Maker is for her! This solar-powered light catcher will refract the sunshine transforming it into colorful rays!

  • Lego Flower Bouquet Set

  • She loves flowers but she’s allergic to it? Give her a Lego Flower Bouquet Set! While it takes a while to build this flower set, it will be worth it because you both take time creating the set!

  • Fanny Pack

  • If she loves biking and hiking and doing physical activities, this fanny pack is the right bag for her! Not only it is compact in size but it can store A LOT of things such as phones, passports, chargers, wallets, etc.

  • Custom Song Code Plaque

  • A thoughtful way to remember you and your GF’s theme song is by giving her this Custom Song Code Plaque!

  • Food Decision Dice

  • If your GF is indecisive when it comes to food, this might help her even on your food date nights! With the Food Decision Dice, your GF will not have a hard time choosing what food to cook or order. 

  • Custom Star Map

  • Since your GF is your universe, why not gift her with a Custom Star Map and remind her how the stars aligned when you first became official. This can also be customized by adding a sweet personal message and the date of your anniversary. 

  • Our Adventure Book Scrapbook

  • Keep your photos, movie tickets, concert tickets, flowers, sweet notes, and other memorable paraphernalia with this Our Adventure Book Scrapbook! Trust us, your girlfriend will appreciate every piece of content that you put into this scrapbook. 

  • A Year of Dates

  • This fun envelope is a perfect gift for your GF because both of you will have an idea on which activities will you do when planning a date!

  • Foot Massager

  • Pamper your girl with this foot massager and make her feel loved especially when she’s tired!

  • Custom Pillow 

  • If you’re LDR, why not give her a custom pillow where your fave is the pillow cover? For sure, she will always remember you! 

  • Mini Fridge

  • From drinks to makeups, this fridge will be your GF’s new bestie! 

  • Taylor Swift: And the Clothes She Wears

  • If she’s a Swiftie, this book is perfect for her! This book documented TSwift’s fashion from every era and we’re pretty sure your GF will keep this as a fashion inspiration whenever she dresses up for an event or even when you two are having a date!

  • A Bookworm’s Gift Set

  • If your gal is a voracious reader, she will surely appreciate this gift! This gift set includes a magnetic bookmark, 80 book trivia, and a tote bag! 

    Now that you have an idea of what gifts to give to your GF, we’re sure she will absolutely love it because you thought about the gift long and hard!


    No matter the price or no matter how big or small your gift is to her, we are sure that she will absolutely appreciate and love it because it came from you and you put your time, money, resources, and effort just to have a perfect and unique gift for her. Remember, make your girlfriend’s life easy, fun, and make her feel loved because just like what you promised to her, you will give her the world. 


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